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Secondary Education

The Secondary Education Department strives to serve education students by developing team character and ethical poise toward lifelong learning. Secondary Education students receive practical experience in constructive exercises. Professors prepare future professionals with educational engagement, developing creative teaching strategies, and inspiration to pursue life goals. They engage students through applicable training which is directed toward developing strategies used in future teaching situations.

The Secondary Education Program

The Secondary Education program is designed to enhance educational leadership and inspire partnerships while promoting lifelong learning. Endorsements in many areas of study are available.

Earning a degree in Secondary Education provides an exceptional opportunity to share your knowledge and talents with young people as they transition into adulthood. The need for good teachers continues to grow in all subject areas.

Robb Beane, M.Ed., Instructor of Education


Graduates of the William Penn Secondary Education program have found success in their field. Recent graduates have been employed at the following schools:

  • Dunkerton Community School District
  • Davenport Community Schools
  • Starmont High School
  • Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Junior/Senior High School
  • Muscatine Community School District
  • Southeast Warren Junior/Senior High School


Practicum and Student Teaching 

Classroom experience provides preparation in teacher development. Students are required to enhance their teaching qualifications by assisting local teachers in a professional setting. After fulfilling the education requirements of the course, students are then required to teach 5–12 students for 16 week supports. Students practice their organization, and classroom management skills in a professional classroom environment. With hands on experience, education students are ready to begin their careers shortly after completion of education requirements. Recent student teachers have been assigned to the following area school districts:

  • Oskaloosa Community School District
  • North Mahaska Community School District
  • Pella Community School District
  • Ottumwa Community School District
  • Knoxville Community School District
  • Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont School District
  • Montezuma High School
  • Sigourney High School
  • Tri-County Community School


Papae Wymore, M.A.

Assistant Professor 641-673-1073 Email

Dana Oswald, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Education, Assessment Coordinator, Licensure Official 641-673-1113 Email

Jamie Nelson, M.A.E.

Instructor | Elementary Education / Special Education 641-673-1034 Email


William Penn University’s Education Club promotes a fun learning environment for current students. Club members make frequent trips to local schools to help tutor and demonstrate important leadership qualities. Upon permission, students will volunteer and judge elementary science and history fairs, as well as other fun events which portray the growth in elementary education.


You will take the following courses as a student in the Secondary Education program:

Secondary Education Professional Core courses

  • EDUC 100:02 Introduction to Secondary Education (with a 15-hr. field experience)
  • EDUC 200 Social Foundations of American Education
  • EDUC 205 WPU Seminar (Transfer Students requirement)
  • EDUC 350 Media Methods
  • EDUC 355 Classroom Management
  • EDUC 360 Content Area Reading
  • EDUC 365 Human Relations for Teachers
  • EDUC 380 General Methods
  • EDUC 381 25-Hour Field Experience
  • EDSP 100 Introduction to Exceptional Learners
  • EDSP 387 Differentiated Instruction Methods & Strategies (5-12)
  • PSYC 303 Developmental & Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 401 Secondary Student Teaching


Students will choose one of the following Secondary Methods and correlating 25 Hr. Field Exp 3

  • EDUC 382 Secondary Business Methods with
    EDUC 383 25-Hour Field Experience – Business
  • EDUC 384 Secondary English Methods with
    EDUC 385 25-Hour Field Experience – English
  • EDUC 386 Secondary Industrial Technology Methods with
    EDUC 387 25-Hour Field Experience – Industrial Technology
  • EDUC 388 Secondary Math Methods with
    EDUC 389 25-Hour Field Experience – Math
  • EDUC 391 Secondary PE/Health Methods with
    EDUC 392 25-Hour Field Experience – PE/Health
  • EDUC 393 Secondary Science Methods with
    EDUC 394 25-Hour Field Experience – Science
  • EDUC 395 Secondary Social Studies Methods with
    EDUC 396 25-Hour Field Experience – Social Studies
  • EDUC 397 Secondary Music Methods with
    EDUC 398 25-Hour Field Experience – Music

In addition to completing the Secondary Education Professional Core, students will also complete at least one of the following areas:


K-12 Education Majors:

  • Music (K-8) and Music (5-12)
  • Physical Education (K-8) / Physical Education (5-12) / Health (K-8) / Health (5-12) / K-12 Athletic Coaching (K-12)

5-12 Education Majors

  • All Social Sciences
  • American Government / American History
  • American Government / Sociology
  • American Government / Psychology
  • American History / Sociology
  • American History / Psychology
  • Biology / Basic Science
  • Biology / Chemistry
  • Biology/Earth Science
  • Biology/Physics
  • Business-All
  • English/Language Arts / Journalism
  • Industrial Technology
  • Mathematics
  • World History

Endorsement Areas – Can be added to any secondary education Major:

  • K-12 Athletic Coaching
  • Health (5-12)
  • Physical Education (5-12)
  • Reading (5-12)
  • Special Education-Strategist I (5-12)
  • Speech Communication-Theater (5-12)