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Creative Arts

The Creative Arts program encourages students to refine their artistic capabilities through drawing, painting, ceramics, vocal and instrumental music, and dramatic arts. Students can chose one emphasis to focus on— Fine Arts or Theatre. Practice, performance, and critical evaluation are central to the artist, and the program offers ample opportunities for students to develop, pursue, and perform their vision of the human condition. It combines a comprehensive, hands-on foundation in music, theatre and art, along with strong leadership skills in writing, speaking and computer technology. There are many opportunities in the Fine Arts division for students to exercise their skills, including theatre productions, student art shows, jazz band music tours, and the chance to work with professional productions.

The Creative Arts Program

For the artists, there are introductory classes in drawing, design, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, pastel drawing, pen and ink drawing and art history. WPU also offers an advanced graphic design class using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Music lovers also have opportunities, including Jazz Band, William Penn Singers, Chamber Choir, Athletic Bands, private lessons, Music Theory, and many more!

Theater students will appreciate the George Daily Auditorium, located in Oskaloosa. It brings in many professional shows and offers state-of-the-art technology in theatre equipment, plus a variety of CAD software for set and lighting design, computerized sound mixing and recording as well as complete video recording and editing capabilities.


Employers continually search for creative thinkers who have the ability to communicate with others using creative concepts. Professionals with these skills can develop problem solving tactics and provide ideas which can lead toward corporate progress. A degree in creative arts from William Penn University will allow students to pursue a wide variety of careers including:

  • Actor
  • Musician
  • Student Training
  • Make-Up Artist
  • Art Museum Positions
  • Teaching
  • Road Production
  • Journalistic Work
  • Marketing
  • News Production
  • Theater Production
  • Tattoo Artist


Internship experience allows students to gain professional understanding of required expectations. Students can contribute ideas which can lead toward future opportunity. Students of the Creative Arts program have the following internship opportunities available:

  • Production Coordinator at the George Daily Auditorium
  • Theatre Performances
  • Barnhouse Music
  • Event Organizer
  • Production Assistant
  • Marketing Departments
  • Art Museums


Andy McGuire

Adjunct Instructor of Theatre 641-672-3795 Email


Fine Arts students are significant contributors to the Oskaloosa community. Students host a variety of performances, and help with local productions.


As a student of the Creative Arts program, you will take the following courses:

Creative Arts Core

  • ART 130 3-D Design
  • ART 134 2-D Design
  • COMM 357 Internship
  • COMM 390 Communication Seminar
  • ENGL 215 Business and Tech Writing
  • MUSI 104 Fundamentals of Music
  • THEA 212 Oral Interpretation

Fine Arts Emphasis

Select 12 credits from the following:

  • ART 121 Drawing 1
  • ART 215 History of Art
  • MUSI 123 Music Theory I
  • MUSI 216 History of Music I
  • THEA 110 Improvisation and Movement
  • THEA 216 History of Theatre

*Plus 12 credits from list of Fine Arts electives

Theatre Emphasis

  • INDU 107 Industrial Wood Processes
  • THEA 104 Basic Production
  • THEA 106 Acting I
  • THEA 110 Improvisation and Movement
  • THEA 124 Stage Lighting and Sound
  • THEA 130 Scenic Design and Construction
  • THEA 216 History of Theatre
  • THEA 304 Directing and Advanced Production
  • THEA 306 Acting II

*Plus 12 credits from list of Theatre electives

Art Minor Courses

  • ART 116 Painting I
  • ART 121 Drawing I
  • ART 130 3‐ Dimensional Design
  • ART 134 2‐ Dimensional Design
  • ART 215 History of Art

Six hours from the following:

    • ART 116 Painting I
    • ART 117 Pen and Ink Drawing
    • ART 211 (COMM 211) Digital Photography
    • ART 217 Painting II
    • ART 221 Drawing II
    • ART 230 Sculpture
    • ART 235 Graphic Art
    • ART 331 Ceramics I
    • ART 332 Ceramics II

Graphic Art Minor courses

      • APCS 112 Communications Computer Apps
      • APCS 205 Algorithms & Programming
      • APCS 336 Web Programming
      • ART 121 Drawing I
      • ART 134 2-Dimensional Design
      • ART 211 Digital Photography
      • ART 215 History of Art
      • ART 235 Graphic Art

Theatre Minor courses

      • THEA 104 Basic Production
      • THEA 106 Acting I
      • THEA 110 Improvisation & Movement
      • THEA 212 Oral Interpretation
      • THEA 216 History of Theater

Six hours from the following

    • THEA 114 Theatre Production
    • THEA 116 Special Effects
    • THEA 117 Makeup
    • THEA 118 Costuming
    • THEA 130 Scenic Design and Construction
    • THEA 304 Directing & Advanced Production
    • THEA 306 Acting II
    • THEA 307 Shakespeare