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Wellness & Recreation

While technological advancements have contributed to an increased market within sport-related professions, there is still a great need for professionals who have a strong desire to work directly with people. Whether it be through seasonal recreational activities or in a year round wellness program, the demand for Wellness & Recreation professionals is targeted for growth in the upcoming decades. This is a great profession for students who don’t see themselves behind a desk but would rather be actively engaged working with clients, managing events, and leading programs.

The Wellness & Recreation Program

The Wellness and Recreation program prepares students to work in public or private recreation facilities with people of all ages. Students will be prepared for positions such as recreation coordinator, athletic trainer, trail guide, and sports coach.


Students that receive their Wellness & recreation degree from William Penn University will be qualified for the following careers (to list a few):

  • Sport Coach/Instructor
  • Event Operations Staff
  • Sport/Summer Camp Counselor
  • Sport Official
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Outdoor Guide
  • Facility Staff
  • Sport Equipment Sales
  • Park & Recreation District


By the end of a student’s senior year, they’ll be expected to have participated in an internship that will contribute to their understanding and experience in a professional environment. students will be able to display their leadership capabilities to members of local communities and create openings for future opportunities. Here are some businesses that have provided Wellness & Recreation students with internship opportunities:

  • YMCA of Mahaska County
  • YMCA of Ottumwa
  • Titan Physical Therapy in Pella
  • Pella Recreation
  • Oskaloosa High School
  • Knoxville School District
  • New Hope Community Center (Osky)


Mauricio Nunez

Assistant Professor, Biomechanics and Exercise Science 641-673-1295 Email

Glenn Steimling, Ph.D.

Professor of Kinesiology 641-673-2171 Email

Jennifer Peterson, M.A.

Instructor of Kinesiology 641-674-1021 Email


The Kinesiology Club is for students who share a love of sport and physical activity. Field trips to sports facilities and events along with presentations by guest speakers from the sport and fitness industry are cornerstones of the club.


The following is a list of courses you will be taking as a student of the Wellness & Recreation program:

Health and Life Sciences Foundation

  • KINS 160 First Aid and CPR
  • KINS 110 Wellness & Recreation

Kinesiology Core courses

  • BIOL 216 Anatomy & Physiology
  • KINS 150 Fundamental Concepts of HPER
  • KINS 218 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
  • KINS 336 Organization & Administration of HPER
  • KINS 390 Practicum

Wellness and Recreation

  • KINS 150 Fundamental Concepts of HPER
  • EXSC/KINS/SMGT Electives (17 Hours)

Wellness and Recreation Requirements

  • KINS 208 Leadership in Sport, Exercise, and Recreation
  • KINS 210 Camp Management and Outdoor Education
  • KINS 221 Teaching Individual and Team Sports
  • KINS 227 Personal and Community Hygiene
  •  KINS 295 Kinesiology Seminar
  • KINS 334 Test & Measurement in HPER
  • KINS 357 Internship
  • PSYC 108 Life-Span Psychology
  • SMGT 240-251 Coaching/Officiating Theory
  • SMGT 260 Field Experience

*Plus 12 credits of electives from BIOL, EASC, EXSC, KINS, PSYC, SMGT, or SOCI courses not used elsewhere