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Learning is about discovery.
So is teaching.


Every one of us brings something special to the world. We embrace the fact that everyone learns differently. Our faculty are uniquely adept at pushing boundaries and exploring new ways of teaching.

Our programs broaden as much as they inform. Challenge as much as they inspire. Innovate as much as they connect on a human level. That’s what it takes to realize the potential that lies within.


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Our world needs leaders. Leaders with vision and creativity and compassion. Who believe our Quaker values can help shape a better world in a digital age. Leaders who can bridge disciplines, communicate effectively, think critically, and inspire those around them to not just be their best selves, but to want to be their best selves. This is why the Penn Leadership Core—designed to streamline the quality of required courses outside of your major—is so critical to the success of our graduates.

Staying true to William Penn’s founding mission of empowering anyone who wants an education, we offer an innovative distance learning program designed for those wanting to pursue an education focus without coming to campus. We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education (K-8)/Physical Education (5-12)/Health (K-8)/Health (5-12)/K-12 Athletic Coaching (K-12), and a variety of endorsements to previously licensed educators, delivered in a way that works around the daily responsibilities of your life.