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Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology majors may choose emphasis in technical, industrial management, engineering technology, or a grade 7–12 teaching endorsement. The mission of Industrial Technology program is to help men and women become the outstanding leaders of the 21st century–broadly educated, technologically adept, and solidly prepared for an outstanding career. Leadership development is the heart of everything we do. In addition, responsible technology use, global quality movement, cutting edge technology, and a visionary outlook are all critical dimensions of this study.

In this program at William Penn University, students obtain leadership qualities which drive businesses toward success. Students become proficient in a variety of mechanical capabilities and develop administrative skills. This degree equips students with proper preparation for supervisorial expertise. They acquire the essential skills needed for developing solutions when facing mechanical difficulties within a work setting.


Industrial Technology Specialists have made significant contributions toward the advancement of society. Below are some companies who have hired WPU graduates from this program:

  • John Deere
  • Mid American Energy
  • Musco Sports Lighting, LLC.
  • Cargill, Inc.
  • Clow Valve Co.


The key to applying educational experiences with real word opportunity is through internships. Students assist supervisors and observe business operations to enhance their professional capabilities upon graduation. Listed below are some internships completed by past students:

  • Pella Corporation, Pella
  • Musco Lighting, Oskaloosa
  • Wilson Trailer
  • Montezuma Manufacturing
  • Cunningham (HVAC), Oskaloosa
  • Curtis Architecture, Ottumwa
  • Golden Furrow (GPS)
  • Muddy Outdoors
  • Van Gorp Manufacturing, Pella

We strive to develop imaginative leaders with a global perspective and a passion for excellence, leaders who are comfortable with technology, inventive thinkers, highly productive individuals confident in their ability to succeed.

Professor James Smith, Instructor of Industrial Technology


Jim Hoeksema, D.I.T.

Co-Chair of Applied Technology Division, Professor of Industrial Technology 641-673-1107 Email

Jim Drost, Ph.D

Co-Chair of Applied Technology, Professor of Industrial Technology 641-673-1104 Email

James Smith, M.S.

Instructor of Industrial Technology 641-673-1098 Email


Musco Technology Center (MTC)

WPU opened the doors of the Musco Technology Center in 2008. Within the building, students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, giving them practical experience for after graduation. The Applied Technology Division holds most of its classes here, along with the Digital Communication program.

  • Digital Communication studios
  • Computer Labs
  • Classrooms
  • 88.7 KIGC FM Studio
  • Industrial Technology Labs
  • Faculty Offices
  • Student Lounge
  • Mechanical Engineering Labs


You will take the following courses as a student of the Industrial Technology program.

Industrial Technology Core courses

  • ENGR 101 Engineering Graphics I
  • ENGR 102 Engineering Graphics II
  • ENGR 125 Industrial Metal Processes
  • ENGR 215 Materials & Processes
  • INDU 227 Electrical Energy & Circuits
  • INDU 357 Internship or
  • INDU 390 Professional Development Seminar


Technical Emphasis

  • INDU 107 Industrial Wood Processes
  • INDU 221 Applied Mechanical Engineering Tech.
  • INDU/ENGR Electives
  • APCS Electives


Industrial Management Emphasis

  • INDU 107 Industrial Wood Processes
  • INDU 221 Applied Mechanical Engineering Tech.
  • INDU/ENGR Electives
  • BUSI Electives
  • APCS Electives*Plus a Business Management Minor

Engineering Technology Emphasis

  • APCS 205 Algorithms & Programming
  • APCS 220 Computer Organization & Digital Circuits
  • APCS 345 Numerical Analysis Methods
  • ENGR 327 Engineering Thermodynamics
  • ENGR 341 Statics
  • ENGR 342 Dynamics and Kinematics
  • ENGR 343 Mechanics of Materials
  • INDU 350 Manufacturing Technology
  • MATH 211 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 241 Calculus I
  • PHYS 201 General Physics I or
  • PHYS 211 College Physics I
  • PHYS 202 General Physics II or
  • PHYS 212 College Physics II


Eleven hours from the following
  • APCS 116 Geographic Info Systems
  • APCS 265 Systems Analysis and Design Methods
  • INDU 223 Welding Technology
  • INDU 226 Industrial Metal Processing
  • INDU 311 Production Tooling and Machine Design
  • INDU 315 Industrial Plastics
  • INDU 329 Graphics
  • INDU 333 Industrial Electronics
  • INDU 335 CNC
  • INDU 346 Alternate Energy