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Campus Ministry

Welcome to William Penn University Campus Ministry, where we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant Christian community within the heart of the William Penn University campus. Our mission is to provide unwavering support and encouragement for the spiritual development of our students, faculty, and staff, nurturing Christian growth in every corner of our academic environment. We strive to empower individuals to deepen their connection with Christ, equipping them to become leaders who exemplify the values of compassion, integrity, and service.

Guided by our vision, we are committed to witnessing the transformation that takes place when members of the William Penn University community embrace a flourishing faith in Christ. We envision a campus where students, faculty, and staff alike experience personal growth, profound connections, and a sense of purpose-driven by their faith journey.

Together, we are dedicated to growing Christ’s body on campus, fostering an environment of acceptance, understanding, and unity. Through various events, gatherings, and outreach initiatives, we create opportunities for everyone to engage with their faith in meaningful ways. As we journey together, we invite you to join us in realizing our shared vision – to see the William Penn University community flourish in faith and be equipped to lead in ministry.

Activities throughout the school year may include: attending area Christian concerts, speaking engagements at area churches, visiting local churches, attending movies with positive themes in theatres, extra weekend campus ministry retreats, and international campus ministry groups.


Weeknight Worship
Thursdays | 8 p.m.
Chief Mahaska Room, Union

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Sundays | 6:30 p.m.
PAC 209

Campus Ministry Scholarship

To find out more information and to apply please fill out the Religious Life Scholarship form.


Daniel Thatcher |  Campus Minister
Phone: (641) 202-4660
Office: Main Floor of Student Union

Mike Van Arkle |  FCA Huddle Leader
Phone: (641) 660-5768