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Housing Process

New students who apply for university housing must submit a $100.00 housing deposit with a completed Housing Application and Contract.

If you have a specific roommate preference, it is very helpful if you and your preferred roommate submit your applications at the same time and mutually request each other as roommates. New students who will be living on-campus will be assigned to a residence hall and roommate according to the date of application and deposit. Assignments are made without regard to race, creed, religion, or nationality. No guarantee can be made for hall, floor, room or roommate requests.

Room Changes
Room changes will be permitted throughout each semester. Room changes must be approved by the Director of Residence Life. In the event the issues at hand cannot be resolved, room changes will be based on availability of space.

The university reserves the right to make assignments of space, to authorize or deny room and roommate changes, and to require you to move from one room or residence hall to another in an attempt to achieve a more effective or efficient residence hall program. If you are the sole occupant of a two-person room, you may be asked to consolidate or move in with another person who is also without a roommate.

In some situations, space may become available that would allow for private rooms. However, private rooms can never be guaranteed due to the inability to foresee space needs. However, if private space does become available, it is granted on a seniority basis as space permits, and on the agreement you will pay an extra $400 per term.

When a reservation has been made and a contract signed for an upcoming year, cancellations can be made before the deadline with no penalty. However, cancellation after May 1 for the fall semester, or December 1 for the spring semester, will result in the forfeiture of your housing deposit.
You may be released from your contract at the end of each semester. You may be released mid-semester if you get married, officially withdraw from the university, or if you are dismissed from the residence halls. If during the contract period you vacate the room, you are liable for the full payment of the contract for the remainder of the semester.

When You Arrive on Campus
When you arrive on campus, a residence hall staff member will be available to welcome you to the hall. You will have the opportunity to inventory your room to indicate room and furniture condition. This is an important step! If any damage occurs during your stay, or furniture is broken or missing, you and/or your roommate will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Make sure you pay close attention to the inventory.

Signing in, accepting a room key, or moving belongings into a room constitutes binding acceptance of the housing contract, and obligates you for the full amount of the semester’s room fee. This is very similar to signing a lease for an apartment. You are now responsible for the room and the contents of the room.

When You Leave Our Residence Halls
We hope you will stay with us throughout your university career. If you decide to withdraw from college during the semester, you will need to make arrangements to check out of your room within 24 hours of withdrawing from classes. To ensure a proper check-out, contact a residence hall staff member to conduct a room inventory. If items are damaged or missing, you will be charged a fee to cover repair or replacement. You will need to check out of your residence hall room within 24 hours after withdrawing from classes or within 24 hours after your final examination. If you are graduating or participating in graduation, you will be allowed to stay in housing until the evening of graduation.

When you check out of your room, there are a few tips that will speed the process along:

  • Set up a time with your Resident Assistant (RA) for check-out.
  • Place all trash in designated areas.
  • Clean and sweep or vacuum your room.
  • Resident Assistant will check room for cleanliness and damages.
  • Return room key.
  • Leave a forwarding address with the staff member when check-out is complete. If a deposit is to be returned to you, the check will be sent to you by the Business Office.

Failure to check out according to the above procedures may result in the forfeiture of the $100.00 housing deposit, unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Director of Residence Life.
Personal property left in rooms after check-out will be removed and disposed of by university staff.

Residence Life

NameOffice PhoneEmailTitleOffice
Caree Gordon641-673-1703emailMental Health Coordinator | Title IX Coordinator
Tanya Mammen641-673-2123emailAssistant Director of Residence LifeUnion 107
Heidi Scholes641-673-1084emailDean of Students | Director of Residence Life | Director of Student LifeUnion 107
Breanne Woten641-673-1397emailAccounts Payable ManagerPenn 223