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Humanities Division

The Humanities division of William Penn University works to provide students with the ability to think critically and communicate effectively using a broad spectrum of mediums. Students of the division will be immersed in a wide spectrum of disciplines, while completing the core communications requirements.

The mission of the Humanities Division is to help students develop strong leadership, technical, and communication skills. The faculty cultivates expressive, communicative, and interpretive skills by exposing students to a variety of cultural and social learning opportunities and by developing learning communities that will provide opportunities in education, service, and leadership with practical experience in performances, presentations, portfolios, and documents.


Humanities Course Direction

Students can choose to major in English, Creative Arts (theatre or fine arts), or Music. No matter what degree a student is working towards, they will participate and gain practical hands-on experience in their field through internships, professional portfolios, community events, and/or performances.


Creative Arts