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Campus Recreation

The mission of Campus Recreation at William Penn University is to allow our student body the opportunity and variety of recreational activities in a safe and welcoming environment. Within the Campus Recreational environment, students will encounter opportunities for physical, mental, and social growth and these may be realized to varying degrees by each participant in the many recreation activities available. Our program is geared to motivate leisure time activity, promote an active and healthy lifestyle, and acknowledge the social benefits from doing so.

The Campus Recreation staff seeks to provide the opportunity for participation in a wide variety of recreational activities for every student, staff, and faculty member, regardless of age, sex, race, skill level or past experience as regularly as his/her time or interests permit.

Please do not hesitate to let us know of any activities that you feel may be of interest to our students which are not presently being offered. Every effort will be made to incorporate any new program suggestions. Innovation and creativity is welcome and encouraged!

Campus Recreation

Name Office Phone Email Title Office
Nik Rule 641-673-2168 Director of Student Life PAC 227
Bailey Rimes 641-673-2176 Director of Activity Centers PAC 210