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Business Administration

Business Administration majors are the backbone of all industries. No matter if it is a large corporation or a small startup firm, having administrative and management skills and knowledge in infrastructure can advance a business tremendously and continuously. The faculty aims to develop skills in both theory and practical experience in order to prepare students for various levels in the hierarchy of a business.

The mission of the Business Administration Division is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to rise to their potential, develop leadership skills which enable students to have an immediate positive impact on organizational effectiveness on organizational effectiveness, and encourage them to pursue excellence in all of their endeavors.


Leaders in the Community

Beyond providing our students the opportunity to become competent in a specific discipline, we expect our graduates to become effective and responsible leaders. Toward this end, we place added emphasis in our major programs on developing our students’ skills of inquiry, critical thinking, and persuasive communication through active learning. This involves asking them to contribute to class discussions, debate current issues, work constructively in teams, and make presentations, all of which will enhance their leadership skills.


Business Management
General Accounting
Human Resource Management
Public Accounting