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Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations (Oskaloosa campus)

Register Your Vehicle

All vehicles parked on William Penn University property are required to have a current parking permit displayed. Parking permits are available free of charge from the Campus Safety office, located in the Dana M. Atkins Memorial Union, Room 110.

Vehicles in violation of parking regulations will be given a written warning with subsequent violations receiving a parking ticket/fine. After the second parking ticket, the vehicle will have a boot installed and will not be released back to the owner until all fines have been paid to the Business Office, located on the second floor of Penn Hall, Room 223.

Vehicles which may be subject to immediate towing are those parked in a hazardous location or pose a threat to public safety. Repeat offenders who park in a designated handicap parking stall, fire lane, or pedestrian safety zone (cross-hatched stripes) will be towed.

Vehicles parked in violation on city streets adjacent to WPU property will be reported to the Oskaloosa Police Department for ticketing or towing.


Snow Emergency Plan • Snow Ordinance Parking Maps

The Snow Emergency Plan will be announced on campus (when possible) and via email in the Campus Announcements in the event that an accumulation of more than six inches of snow is anticipated. The Snow Emergency Plan will be utilized in order to facilitate the quick and orderly removal of snow from the parking areas of WPU Oskaloosa campus.

A parking plan for each dorm, the Union, gym, and PAC parking lots will be posted well in advance of the winter snow season, which will show the areas of the parking lot where vehicles shall not be parked. A color-coded map will be posted on campus and here. Vehicles that become a hazard to the snow removal program will be towed and fined. Download the Snow Ordinance Parking Maps for each dorm.

Keep in mind that during snow removal efforts, as faculty, staff, and students return to campus, park only in cleaned areas so that snow-covered areas can be cleared. Please cooperate for a safer campus. Thank you!


Campus Driving and Parking Violation Fines

Parking in a designated Handicap parking spot
(without hanging decal or plate)
Parking on Sidewalk or in a Fire Lane $25
No William Penn University Parking Permit/
Unregistered Vehicle
Parking in Reserved Area $50
Parking in President’s Spot $50
Parking where Prohibited $25
Improper Parking $25
Improper Parking/Parking in TWO spaces $25
Careless/Reckless Driving $100/$200
Parking or Driving on Campus Lawn $100
Removal of Boot on Booted Vehicle $100
Towing of Violating Vehicles Vehicle owner pays
towing charge +
scheduled fine for
violation listed above

Campus Safety

Name Office Phone Email Title Office
Safety Officer on Duty Campus Phone: 641-673-1170
Off Campus Phone: 641-670-3431
Troy Boston 641-673-1170 Director of Safety Union