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Teacher Education Day - Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

William Penn University has a long, honored history of having high educational standards. We acknowledge the importance of implementing teaching techniques to enhance a positive learning environment for education seekers. The ability to teach goes hand in hand with the ability to lead. With hours of hands-on experience and many student teaching opportunities, WPU students are well-prepared to teach when they graduate.

The mission of the Education Division is to develop effective educational leaders. The division develops pre-service teachers by challenging them to become highly qualified classroom leaders who continue to learn and engage within their diverse learning communities.

The William Penn Education Programs are accredited by the Iowa Department of Education.

Educating Educators

For students who want to make a difference through education, William Penn University is the place to do that. We equip students with the latest teaching techniques, the newest technology, the most up-to-date strategies and classroom teaching tools. Students leave William Penn with not only a teaching license, but are also a desire to share what they have learned with children and young people

Distance Learning

At William Penn, we understand completing your education degree on our traditional campus may not be an option for you. That’s why we offer a Distance Learning program, specifically designed for those busy individuals who want to earn an elementary education degree, PE/Health/Coaching, or endorsement, on their own terms. With the use of an online platform and the dedication of our instructors, our Distance Learning program offers you the flexible scheduling you need to achieve your goals.


Elementary Education
Secondary Education


Education Division Mission
Professional Resources
Education Student Guidebooks
InTASC Standards


Name Office Phone Email Title Office
Robb Beane, M.Ed. 641-673-1333 Assistant Professor | Secondary Methods Coordinator | Student Teaching Supervisor / Sec Education Penn 103
Stephanie Edgren, M.A. 641-673-1334 Instructor | Elementary Education / Reading Specialist Penn 110A
Shane Ehresman, Ed.S 641-673-1193 Director of Distance Learning | Assistant Professor Penn 110D
Stephen Henderson, Ed.D 641-673-1335 Associate Professor | Education Division Chair | History / Elementary Education and Secondary Education Penn 101C
Aaron Hinnah, M.B.L., M.S.M. 641-673-1336 Distance Learning Lead Academic Advisor, Instructor | Assistant Football Coach Penn 110B
Jamie Nelson, M.A.E. 641-673-1034 Instructor | Elementary Education / Special Education Penn 101A
Dana Oswald, M.A. 641-673-1113 Assistant Professor | Assessment Coordinator | Licensure Official Penn 110
Melissa Schettler, M.A. 641-673-1320 Assistant Profession Penn 101B
Papae Wymore, M.A. 641-673-1073 Assistant Teaching Professor | Elem Ed / Reading | Student Teacher Coordinator Penn 102