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Sport Management

Many people are drawn to sport management for different reasons; the competition, the strategy, the excitement, personal achievement, or maybe just the money. But regardless of motivation there is one common element that binds these people together – a love of ‘the game.’ Whether you’re an athlete, coach, fitness enthusiast, official, organizer, or fan, pursuing a career in sports means doing something you’ll love the rest of your life.

The Sport Management Program

If you want to combine your passion for sports with the knowledge base that examines the many facets within the industry, then the Sport Management major at William Penn University may be just the ticket (pun intended). Our carefully crafted academic program combines specific coursework in the sport and recreation fields with the business fundamentals necessary to become a successful professional. The comprehensive curriculum combined with hands-on experience gained through field experiences and internships give our students the academic knowledge and practical training required for success in the sport and recreation industry.


Sport is a Top-10 global industry with revenues estimated to be in excess of $200 billion annually. Entry level positions can be found in nearly every community, and as skills, knowledge, and experience is gained, doors will open for jobs around the world. Here are some careers you will be qualified for as a graduate of the program:

  • Athletic Administration / Director
  • Business Manager
  • Club sports
  • College Athletics
  • Corporate sales
  • Director of Youth/Sport Camps
  • Event Operations
  • Equipment sales
  • Facility Operations
  • Intramural Director
  • League Director
  • Olympic Sports
  • Professional Sports
  • Special Olympics
  • Sports Information
  • Sports official
  • Sport tourism


Integral components of the curriculum include field experience and internship opportunities which allow students to begin career exploration while building a professional contact network. Some recent internship locations where William Penn students have served include:

  • Des Moines Menace – men’s semi-pro soccer
  • Iowa Barnstormers – Arena League Football
  • Iowa Crush – women’s semi-pro football
  • Iowa Cubs – AAA baseball
  • Musco Sport Lighting – leading international sport lighting manufacturer
  • Oskaloosa Public Schools – administrative and coaching
  • Pella Rec Center – coaching and fitness instructors
  • William Penn University Athletics – event operations, equipment, and sports information
  • YMCA of Mahaska County – coaching, facility, and program leadership
  • YMCA of Ottumwa


Bill Collman, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology 641-673-1021 Email

Glenn Steimling, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Kinesiology 641-673-2171 Email

Gary Christopher, Ph.D

Chair of Health and Life Sciences Division, Associate Professor of Kinesiology 641-673-1295 Email


The Kinesiology Club is for students who share a love of sport and physical activity. Field Trips to sports facilities and events along with presentations by guest speakers from the sport and fitness industry are cornerstones of the club.


Penn Activity Center (PAC)

The Penn Activity Center was opened in 2008 on the west side of campus. The facility has a variety of recreational space and equipment, including two basketball courts, artificial turf, and an indoor track. The PAC’s second and third floors have classrooms, biology labs, faculty offices, and the PAC Cafe.

  • Two collegiate-size basketball/volleyball courts
  • 45 yards of artificial turf
  • Locker rooms
  • Office of Admissions
  • Financial Aid Offices
  • Campus Health Clinic
  • PAC Cafe
  • 300-yard running/walking track
  • Science Wing
  • Ware Auditorium
  • Cardio Training Center

Sport Management prepares students for a career in a growing industry that has more than 3500 different career tracks and countless opportunities available . . . and Penn graduates will be ready to fill them

Glenn Steimling, Associate Professor of Kinesiology


You will be taking the following courses as a student of the Sport Management program

Health and Life Sciences Foundation

  • KINS 160 First Aid & CPR
  • KINS 110 Wellness & Fitness

Kinesiology Core courses

  • BIOL 216 Anatomy & Phys
  • KINS 150 Fund Concept HPER
  • KINS 218 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
  • KINS 336 Organization & Administration of HPER
  • KINS 390 Practicum

Sport Management Courses

  • KINS 217 Adaptive Physical Education or
  • SMGT 319 Concepts of Coaching or
  • SMGT/HIST 322 American Sports History
  • KINS 334 Tests & Measurements in HPER
  • KINS 357 Internship
  • SMGT/SOCI 223 Sociology of Sport
  • SMGT 228 Sports Communication
  • SMGT 260 Field Experience (May be repeated once for credit)
  • SMGT 321 Sports Marketing
  • SMGT 445 Sport Facility & Event Management
  • SMGT 454 Risk Management in Sport

Six hours from the following

  • SMGT 240-250 Theory of Coaching (sport specific)
  • SMGT 251 Theory and Practice of Officiating
  • SMGT 360 Field Experience (may be repeated once for credit)

*Minor in Business Management is required as well