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The Music Program

Students will choose between a vocal or instrumental emphasis in this program. Both incorporate instruction in theory, history, and conducting. Students also participate in private instruction to complete their chosen emphasis. Music lovers also have opportunities, including Jazz Band, William Penn Singers, Athletic Bands, private lessons, Music Theory, and many more!


After completing your undergraduate degree in Music, you will be prepared for a variety of Fine Arts careers. Here is a list of positions you will be qualified for upon graduation:

  • Music Production
  • Musician/Performer
  • Choral Director
  • Film Scoring
  • Lyricist


Scott Cressley, M.M.

Assistant Teaching Professor of Music 641-673-2121 Email

Anita Meinert, M.M.E.

Director of Vocal and Keyboard Music, Humanities Division Chair 641-673-1063 Email


Music students are significant contributors to the Oskaloosa community. Students host a variety of performances, and help with local productions.


Edwin McGrew Fine Arts Center

The Edwin McGrew Fine Arts Center was dedicated in 1973 for the president of William Penn from 1917-1928 and 1936-1942. It houses classrooms and studios for several fine art programs, and provides students with supplies and space for projects. The Ware Recital Hall is also located within the building, where many theater performances are held.

  • Fine Art classrooms
  • Ware Recital Hall
  • Art Studio
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Faculty Offices


These are the courses you will take as a Music major:

Music Major Core Classes

  • LDRS 220 Arts & Society I
  • MUAP 101 Piano/Keyboard or
  • MUAP 102 Class Piano 1
  • MUSI 123 Music Theory I
  • MUSI 124 Music Theory II
  • MUSI 223 Music Theory III
  • MUSI 224 Music Theory IV
  • MUSI 216 History of Music I
  • MUSI 217 History of Music II
  • MUSI 336 Conducting I
  • MUSI 337 Conducting II
  • MUSI 339 Ear Training/Sight Singing I
  • MUSI 340 Ear Training/Sight Singing II
  • MUSI 100 Applied Music Seminar
  • COMM 390 Communications Seminar

8 hours from the following (courses may be repeated):

  • MUAP 130 WPU Jazz Ensemble
  • MUAP 131 Marching Band
  • MUAP 250 WM Penn Singers
  • MUAP 251 Concert Band

Required course for Vocal Emphasis

  • MUAP 101 Private Instruction (8 credit hours)

Required course for Instrumental Emphasis

  • MUAP 101 Private Instruction (8 credit hours)

Music Minor courses

  • MUSI 124 Music Theory II
  • MUAP 140 Music in the Electronic Medium
  • MUSI 216 History of Music
  • MUSI 336 Conducting
  • MUSI 339 Ear Training and Sight Singing

Five hours from the following

  • MUAP 101 Private Lessons
  • MUAP 102 Piano Class I
  • MUAP 103 Guitar Class I
  • MUAP 130 WPU Jazz Ensemble
  • MUAP 131 Pep Band
  • MUAP 202 Class Piano II
  • MUAP 203 Guitar II
  • MUAP 250 Penn Singers
  • THEA 124 Stage Lighting & Sound

Piano proficiency requirement must be met.