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Business Management

This program combines the study of fundamentals of economics, statistics, and management with approaches to problem solving in the workplace. It also requires students to take our Business Ethics course. Business Ethics, and most of the other required courses (accounting, law, operations, marketing, etc.), explore the many ethical issues in business. Students will leave this program knowing how ethical behavior should be incorporated into the many decisions made by business people.

Several of the courses in the Business Management Major are utilized by other areas of study at William Penn, including Industrial Technology, Information Technology, and Sport Management. This program aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities for a career in the field of their choosing.


Students in the Business Management program will be prepared for a variety of careers in the field. The mission of this program is to provide students with the necessary tools to be successful in the career of their choice.

  • Account Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Sales Representative
  • Financial Analyst
  • Operations Manager


The Business Administration Division recognizes the importance of internships and how they can enhance the professional development of students. While internships are not required to complete our major programs, students are encouraged to pursue work experience opportunities which will augment their learning and elevate their resume. Here are some employers that have provided internships for our students:

  • After Hours Archery
  • Northwestern Mutual Insurance
  • Valley Bank
  • UPS
  • Brownells
  • Musco Sports Lighting, LLC.
  • Cargill
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Mahaska Health Partnership
  • Hawkeye Real Estate
  • BugBusters
  • TD&T Financial Group

Our program is similar to that offered by other colleges; it is the instructors who make the difference, and Penn has some good ones. They are well-informed in their areas of expertise and they care about their students’ academic progress.

Dr. Lonny Wilson, Professor of Economics


Brittny Tschetter, M.B.A.

Instructor of Business Email

Jihna Jenkins, M.B.A.

Assistant Professor of Business 641-673-1372 Email

Jay Christensen, M.H.A.

Assistant Professor of Business Management | Business Administration Division Chair 641-673-1347 Email


The Business Club is the oldest, student-run organization on campus. It typically holds regular meetings twice a month during the academic year, plans and conducts various fundraising activities, arranges for guest speakers, takes short field trips to different businesses in Oskaloosa and the surrounding area, and makes a 2–3 day excursion to a metropolitan area (Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Las Vegas, etc.) in the spring to visit companies and sightsee. In recent years, as a condition of receiving grants from the Student Government Association, the club has also offered service to various non-profit organizations in the local community


The following are courses you will be taking as a student of the Business Management program:

Business Core courses

  • APCS 114 Computer Applications for Business
  • BUSI 201 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUSI 202 Principles of Accounting II
  • BUSI 230 Principles of Management
  • BUSI 347 Business Ethics
  • BUSI 460 Corporate Strategy
  • ECON 211 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 212 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • MATH 303 Statistical Methods

Business Management Minor courses

Required courses

  • BUSI 130 Contemporary Business
  • BUSI 201 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUSI 230 Principles of Management

Six hours from the following

  • BUSI 332 Operations Management
  • BUSI 334 Marketing Management
  • BUSI 336 Human Resource Management
  • BUSI 338 Financial Management

Business Management courses

  • BUSI 310 Commercial Law or
  • BUSI 311 Contemporary Business Law
  • BUSI 332 Operations Management
  • BUSI 334 Marketing Management
  • BUSI 336 Human Resource Management
  • BUSI 338 Financial Management
  • BUSI 345 Organizational Behavior
  • BUSI 349 International Business
  • ECON 309 Managerial Economics

Economics Minor courses

  • ECON 211 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 212 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON Electives (9 Hours)

Insurance Minor courses

  • INSR 101 Foundations of Risk Management and Insurance
  • INSR 102 Insurance Company and Agency Operations
  • INSR 203 Personal Insurance
  • INSR 204 Commercial Insurance
  • INSR 205 Delivering Insurance Services