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Archive: Student Profiles

Student Profile: Cindi Pierotti

Cindi Pierotti is not the typical student. She’s a working woman, a physical therapist; she’s a wife, a mother; and she returned to college after nearly three decades to obtain [...]

Student Profile: Daniel HERNANDEZ

“At the current moment in my lifetime, I look back and reflect on how fortunate I am to be in the position I am today. Every single day I wake [...]

Student Profile: Jasmin Sonnenschein

Moving across the globe is a daunting and nerve-wracking experience for anyone. But when you end up in a place that is full of love, compassion, and diversity the adventure [...]

Student Profile: Enrico Edwards

“I come from a place where darkness often times covers the brightness of life. There wasn't much room for success back home, so I made a blind decision to come [...]

Student Profile: Francoise Iragaba Umubyeyi

Technology is an ever-changing aspect of life and there are young people in the workforce today that are helping to pave the way for modern advances. Computer Science and Applied [...]

Student Profile: Dezarea Duckworth

Exercise Science major Dezarea Duckworth hails from Bryant, Arkansas, where she attended high school before accepting a basketball scholarship at WPU. “I like to sing and hang out with my [...]

Student Profile: Caylah Morrow

There are few college students who have as much drive and passion as Caylah Morrow. Coming to William Penn from Chandler, Arizona, Caylah came with one purpose in mind: to [...]

Student Profile: Jodi Saito

Educators shape the character, caliber, and future successes of students on a day-to-day basis. The impact teachers bestow can last a lifetime, producing new generations of leadership. That’s why senior [...]

Student Profile: Lorena Reyes

When she came to William Penn University on a basketball scholarship from Independence, Missouri, Kinesiology major Lorena Reyes thought basketball was her ultimate passion in life. Once she was on [...]

Student Profile: Christian Williams

Senior Christian Williams hails from Oakland, California but has found a home here in Oskaloosa at William Penn University. Christian says he has overcome things in his life that many [...]

Student Profile: Elizabeth Shaffer

Secondary Education major Elizabeth Shaffer is a driven junior at William Penn University on her way to becoming a math teacher. She doesn’t intend to stop learning after she finishes [...]

Student Profile: Zachary Johnson

Engineering student Zachary Johnson thinks WPU is alive with opportunity. “At Penn, you have many opportunities to be involved in clubs and activities. Take a chance on anything that interests [...]

Student Profile: Marvin Van Der Wiel

Being a part of William Penn University’s graduating class of 2017 is only one of the many accomplishments Marvin Van Der Wiel has achieved as a nurse. He has received [...]

Student Profile: Arianna Davis

Arianna Davis is a part of William Penn University’s class of 2017. Not only does she hold a 4.0 grade point average, but has also received the Watland-Richmond Research Endowment [...]