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Student Profile: Enrico Edwards

“I come from a place where darkness often times covers the brightness of life. There wasn’t much room for success back home, so I made a blind decision to come to Penn,” says Sociology Major Enrico Edwards. “If it wasn’t for William Penn, I couldn’t even tell you where I would be today. College saved my life.” He says that is was God’s plan for him to travel from Memphis, Tennessee to find his home here at William Penn University.

Enrico lost his best friend and grandfather, “I felt like nothing else mattered.” He received a Bible and says he gave his life to Christ. He found peace with God and came from being an ‘F’ student to obtaining all A’s.

Dawning the number 6 jersey, senior outfielder for the William Penn Baseball team, Enrico marks that his greatest achievement throughout his college career is making the Dean’s List – not once, but twice. Because of his life experiences and college accomplishments, he was also chosen to speak to the 2017 freshman class as a model of what is possible at William Penn.

If you want to become a better person, you must starve the person you were yesterday and feed the person of tomorrow. ‘Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it comes all the issues of life.’ Don’t be in a rush for love either. First seek God and love will find you. For God is love. How then can you find love if your eyes don’t recognize it? Remember ‘You came a long way from yesterday.’  – Enrico

Penn also provided opportunities for Enrico off the Oskaloosa campus as well. In the spring of 2017, Enrico completed an internship through the Great Lakes grant in GIS (Geographic Information System) with the Mahaska County GIS Coordinator. He works as a GIS data analyst mapping all sections, lots, and spaces of the Forest Cemetery locally in Oskaloosa. The data Enrico inputs will help users find their loved ones easier. This continuing project has turned into a College Job for Enrico during his time at Penn.