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Student Profile: Cindi Pierotti

Cindi Pierotti is not the typical student. She’s a working woman, a physical therapist; she’s a wife, a mother; and she returned to college after nearly three decades to obtain her Master’s Degree.

Cindi is on the verge of receiving her Master’s in Business Leadership, a program she was proud to enroll in. The MBL program at William Penn University matched Cindi’s leadership philosophy–stating the program helped to refine her strengths, while challenging her to grow in areas she was deficient.

“I didn’t need to do it for anyone other than myself,” said Cindi. “I believe that you get out of something that which you put into something.”

Servant leadership is something Cindi has always believed in–she knows she is a better, more equipped leader after this program and feels WPU cultivates that culture.

Embarking into the MBL program was unfamiliar territory for Cindi, but will be able to proudly complete the program due to unwavering support from staff, faculty, friends, family, and colleagues.

“[Initially], I was drawn to William Penn because of the ‘here, there, everywhere’ philosophy. I was returning to college after being away for an entire career,” said Cindi.

Her recollection of traditional college encompassed attending classes which was important to Cindi. She was able to be physically present in class at the former Clive location, as well as the new Johnston campus. “This has been very convenient for me as an adult returning to school with a full-time career at UnityPoint Health in Des Moines,” said Cindi.

“My life is full with faith, family, and meaningful work.”

Cindi has worked at UnityPoint for over 23 years as a manager for inpatient therapy services. She chose to return to college after her two children were nearing their apogee of undergraduate studies.

From the MBL program, Cindi now bolsters practical and meaningful skills that can enhance her already well established career choice. “I am eternally changed after this experience,” said Cindi. “And I am proud to say I will graduate from William Penn University.”