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Student Profile: Arianna Davis

Arianna Davis is a part of William Penn University’s class of 2017. Not only does she hold a 4.0 grade point average, but has also received the Watland-Richmond Research Endowment Award and an Academic Achievement Award for General Psychology. Her practicum work regarding Title IX has been vigorously praised and is even being utilized by the coordinators at WPU. She now holds a degree in General Psychology as well as minors in Human Services and Kinesiology.

Although she has become a cherished WPU alum, she did not begin her career at Penn. Arianna is originally from New Sharon, IA and attended South Dakota State University after completing high school. She transferred from SDSU when she realized she wanted to attend a smaller university where she could find support and success through a small professor to student ratio. She quickly became close with her advisor, Professor Sarah Tarbell, with whom she worked closely with as the Professor’s department assistant. “Professor Tarbell has helped me so much in my college career and she has given me the confidence to succeed. I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me,” says Arianna.

Arianna Davis

School has always been a priority for Arianna, but in her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, drawing, and archery. She also participated in cross country her junior and senior year as well as track and field last spring.

The future looks extremely bright for Arianna as she now begins the search for a career in her field of study. She plans to one day earn a Master’s degree in school counseling, clinical mental health, or social work and may one day pursue a doctorate degree.

Her advice to her friends and peers at WPU is to, “Be proud of William Penn. Though it is a small school, it has a lot to offer students. My advice would be to take advantage of one’s time while here. Time goes by very fast, so make the most of it.”

Arianna Davis