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Collin Baliva

Collin Baliva ’24
St. Louis, MO
Major: Industrial Technology

Collin Baliva was recently able to combine his experience as a Lacrosse player and Industrial Technology major for a project that directly benefitted students and athletes. Collin was part of the INDU 218 class that created 50 custom lockers for an update to the Lacrosse locker room. As a captain of the team, he was able to recruit fellow teammates to help in various aspects of the project. “It was important to me that the team helped and did not just stand by while others put in countless hours on something that was a benefit to the Lacrosse program.”

Collin chose William Penn University to be a part of the unique experience of helping to build the Lacrosse program, which was new to the university. The strong Industrial Tech/ Engineering program gave him the academic options he desired as well. He has enjoyed the small class sizes and the relationships he is able to establish with professors. “William Penn is a great school that has a focus on students. The support of the student body, faculty, and facilities really make it a top tier school for athletics as well.”

This summer Collin will participate in his second internship at Sensient Technologies in his hometown of St. Louis. He enjoys the work and hopes to return to the company upon graduation in the maintenance/ engineering department.