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Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions

What is the housing requirement at William Penn University?

All full-time students are required to live in the residence halls unless at least one of the following criteria is met:

  • Live with spouse and/or children.
  • Commute from home of parent or legal guardian (65 miles maximum distance).
  • Service or military veteran.
  • Reach 21 years of age as of the first official day of classes for a particular term.
  • Have completed 58 or more semester hours of credit or have earned an AA degree.

Exemptions from the above requirements will require students to complete a Request for Residency Exemption, which is available in the Residence Life office. Requests will be reviewed by the Housing Committee. Violations of residency requirements will result in the assessment of full room and board fees.

What residence hall can I live in?

Click here for a quick description of each dorm.

The residence hall you can live in is direct proportion to how many years you have been out of high school. Please see information below:

  • Eltse Hall: Single & double occupancy rooms, primarily sophomores and upperclassmen.
  • Lewis Hall: Female only, single & double occupancy rooms, primarily freshmen dorm.
  • Watson Hall: Male only, single, double, triple and quad rooms), primarily freshmen dorm.
  • Twin Towers: 4 male and 4 female suites, single & double occupancy rooms, primarily sophomore and upperclassmen.
  • Market Street: Two or four-person suites, primarily upperclassmen.

Is there a deadline for submitting housing paperwork?

Our preference is that you submit your housing contract as soon as you receive it. Housing is at a premium and the earlier your contract is received the better your chance is to received your preferred housing choice.

How do I finalize the housing application process?

Students who apply for university housing must submit a $100 housing deposit with a completed Residence Hall and Meal Plan Application. Students must be academically admitted prior to being assigned a room. When these three steps are completed, your housing application process is finalized and you will be placed during the housing placement process.

What are the different housing costs for on-campus housing and meal plan options?

Click here to review the on-campus housing and meal plan options.

Is the contract a binding agreement that has immediate, long-standing and irreversible financial obligations?

The housing and meal plan contract is a binding agreement between the student and William Penn University. The contract is for both the fall and spring semesters. If a student is a residential student in the fall and is enrolled in the spring at William Penn, he/she is under financial obligation for housing for the spring semester. Therefore, the contract is a two semester agreement.

When will I receive my housing assignment?

Fall assignments will be entered and sent out via WPU email around June 1st. They will also be viewable on your student portal. Residential students who enroll after housing assignments are
made in June will receive housing information after placement occurs, which will be within two weeks of submitting the housing contact and deposit.

How do I know who my roommate is?

Housing assignments contain roommate information and how you can contact him/her. Residence Life will only give out WP email addresses for you to contact your roommate. We will not give out phone numbers, addresses, hobbies, etc.

How is it determined where I live?

Housing and meal plan contracts are important for the placement of students living in the campus housing. William Penn does our best to meet the preferences of residential students. Housing and meal plan contracts, housing deposits, and tuition deposits received are dated and preferred placement occurs by the date all information is received. Also, it is important to remember that privileged spaces are limited and returning students are placed in their housing preferences before first-year assignments are made.

How do my roommate and I get pair together?

All of the residential spaces are same-gender spaces. Therefore, women are placed with women and men are placed with men. We gather and compare information from the housing applications and assign roommates based on academic major, athletics, interests, hobbies, music preference, etc

Will I be guaranteed a roommate that I request?

Roommate requests are only considered if both roommates indicate on the online housing form that they want to live together. These dual requests are highly considered and likely placed together. However, the odds of being placed with a requested roommate diminish if both students’ paperwork is not received by the housing application deadline. Without paperwork from both students, the roommate request will not be considered and the person with the paperwork in will be placed with someone else.

What happens if my roommate and I do not get along?

Roommate conflicts occasionally occur. The residence life staff is trained to deal with these issues and it is our hope that conflicts can be resolved before they become a burden to either
student personally or academically. If it does not seem like talking between the two of you is getting the job done, Housing & Residence Life would be happy to assist. Start by contacting your RA and discussing the problems you are having and we will work out a plan of action; this may involve mediation, setting up a roommate agreement, reviewing Housing & Residence Life policies, or in some instances a room change.

What is provided in the residence halls?

Each room will include a bed with mattress, dresser, desk with chair and closet space. All beds on campus are Twin XL. Furniture must remain in original rooms and can’t be removed. A majority of beds on campus do adjust in height, however, some do not adjust for additional storage space below. We do not guarantee an adjustable bed for your room.

What can/should I bring not bring with me to campus?

One of the most frequent question from residents, especially our newest residents, is about what items they need to bring to campus and what items should they leave at home. Click here for more information, and feel free to contact the Residence Life office if you have questions about a specific item not listed. * Toasters, toaster ovens, and hot plates that heat over 450 degrees are not allowed and will be confiscated by Residence Life staff and/or Campus Safety if found.

Are laundry services provided?

Coin-operated washers and dryers are located in every residence hall on campus. There is also an app listed on the machines that students can download and use instead of using coins.

What policies am I going to have to live by?

All residential policies are laid out in the student handbook. Please click here to review Student Handbook.

Are pets allowed in residence halls?

No, pets are not allowed on campus. ESA and service animals need to be approved 30 days prior to the animal arriving to campus and all documents must be completed for approval. There is a $125 fine per day for animals on campus that have not been approved.

Is the campus safe?

We have Campus Safety officers on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The number to contact Campus safety is 641-673-1170. Residential buildings are locked at all times and have ID card access to residents. Escorts are also available by campus safety at any time. Cameras also are used in and outside of all dorms and our residential parking lots to add security.

How do I get into my building and onto my floor?

The William Penn University ID card you receive will grant you access to your building and/or your floor of the residence. Your ID picture will be taken during move-in days. There is a $50
fee to replace lost IDs.

How do I receive mail as a campus resident?

All residents will receive mailbox information and their mailbox number on move-in day. You will keep this mailbox your entire stay as a residential student. The mailing address will be as
listed below:

William Penn University
Student Name, Student box number
201 Trueblood Ave
Oskaloosa, IA 52577

The US Postal Service will deliver all addressed mail to the William Penn Service center located on the first floor of Penn Hall. The postal service delivers mail to the student mailboxes, located
in the Dana Atkins Student Union. Mail is distributed weekdays by 5pm when offices are open. If you receive an item bigger than your mailbox the postal service on campus will email you
when the package is available to pick up. Please refrain from sending packages prior to move-in weekend. The postal service center on campus does not have the storage space available for items being shipped and mailed early to campus.

Dining locations on campus:

  • Dining hall located upstairs in the Dana Atkins Memorial Student Union.
  • PAC Café located in the Penn Activity Center.
  • Game Room store located in the Dana Atkins Memorial Game Room.

What if I need first aid?

Every dorm’s RA booth and Hall Director unit is equipped with a first aid kit for minor injuries. If you have an emergency that requires hospital attention, our residence life staff and campus safety is trained in proper protocol.

I am bringing my car to campus with me; what should I do so that I don’t get a ticket?

  • Residents who wish to park their car in the resident lot will need to sign up for a FREE parking
    permit provided by Campus Safety. You can do this online or on move-in day. The Campus
    Safety office is located on the main floor of the Dana Atkins Memorial Union.
  • Place the decal on the back window of your vehicle.

Can I stay in residence hall over university breaks? And what about during those times?

Students may occupy their unit commencing on the designated move-in dates at the beginning of each semester, as published by the Residence Life Department, until the designated checkout
date which shall be no later than 24 hours after the resident’s last final exam or, if graduating, immediately after the completion of the commencement ceremony. If staying late due to a school activity or athletic event, you must have approval from your coach. All athletes must be on the approved list sent to the Residence Life office. There will be $100 fine for students not approved to stay passed the designated move-out date set by the Residence Life office.

Residents are not allowed to remain in campus housing during winter break unless approved by the Residence Life office. Residents approved to stay over the winter break will be charged $300.

Meals are not provided during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring breaks. Notices of hours of operation for dining services will be posted for University holiday weekends and breaks.

Miscellaneous dorm information, measurements, dimensions, etc.

  • Width of legs on bed for risers: 4 ½ inches squared (2 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches)
  • Space from the floor to the bedroom on the adjustable beds at the highest adjustable point: 2 ft, 6 inches
  • All beds are Twin XL
  • See below for the dorm average dorm room measurements:
    1. Market room measurements:
     Doubles-11 X 14’ 8”
     Quads-10’ X 10’ 8”
    2. Twin room measurements:
     Doubles- 13’ 3 ¾” x 14’ 3 ¾”, 190.5 SQ FT.
     Singles- 11’ 6” X 8’ 6”, 98 Sq FT.
    3. Eltse room measurements:
     14’ X 11’, 154 SQ FT
    4. Watson room measurements:
     North wing average room size: 14 X 21, 294 SQ FT
     West wing average room size: 11’ 8” X 14” 5”, 192 SQ FT
    5. Lewis Hall Measurements:
     Lewis Hall single and double rooms all vary in layout and size.

Does Residence Life help with finding off-campus housing?

William Penn University students who are eligible to live off campus will find many housing opportunities in the Oskaloosa community, from apartments to houses or even private rooms. William Penn Residence Life does not provide a referral service for off-campus living. Please look online and in the Oskaloosa Herald for listings.