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Off Campus Housing

If you are a full-time student and meet one of the following criteria, you may have the option of living off-campus.

  • Live with spouse and/or children 
  • Commute from home of parent or legal guardian 
  • A military veteran 
  • Reach 21 years of age as of the first official day of classes in a particular term 
  • Have completed at least 58 semester hours of credit 

Exemptions from the residency requirement on the basis of commuting from the home of your parent/guardian requires the completion of the Verification of Residence form, which is available from the Student Services Office and must be submitted to the Director of Residence Life prior to registration for a particular term.

Students enrolled at William Penn University through the consortium agreement with Vennard College will be exempted from the residency requirement. If other criteria are met, a student must inform the Student Affairs Office by appropriate deadlines as listed on the housing contract and other publications, in order to have any housing deposit released. If a student feels that he/she should be exempted from the residency requirement even though none of the criteria have been met, the student must complete a residency exemption form, also available through the Student Services Office. The Admissions/Financial Aid Committee will consider the information provided with the form and make a decision whether or not to exempt the student. The committee may also request that the student appear before the committee.