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Education Division Mission

Education Division Mission

Developing Effective Educational Leaders

Education Division Vision Statement

The William Penn University Education Division develops pre-service teachers by challenging them to become highly qualified classroom leaders who continue to learn and engage within their diverse learning communities.

The William Penn Education Division Will Produce:

Effective Pre-service Teachers

  • Demonstrate knowledge in their field(s) by planning and facilitating relevant and effective lessons

Global Awareness

  • Recognize and accommodate instruction to meet the needs of diverse individuals inherent in today’s schools and broader society

Effective Communicators

  • Communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and formats including reading, writing, speaking, listening and interpersonal skills

Reflective Practitioners

  • Make logical, reflective decisions in their classrooms based upon formative & summative assessments

Complex Problem Solving Skills

  • Recognize problems and develop alternate solutions through creative thinking and problem solving

Technologically Literate Teachers

  • Use instructional media & technology for research, production, acquisition, & dissemination of information

TEAMwork and Collaboration

  • Facilitate the development of cooperative and collaborative partnerships within school & community

Life-long Learners

  • Recognize and demonstrate a need for continual personal and professional growth