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Pete Eyheralde, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology | Health & Life Sciences Division Chair

Dr. Pete Eyheralde has been a professor at William Penn University since 2015.  He specializes in Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation Biology and is the faculty advisor for the Wildlife Ecology Club. His lab combines studies of basic ecological questions with applied research, focusing on the conservation of biological diversity.  Specifically he is interested in vertebrate population dynamics, responses to landscape change, and the conservation and management of wildlife.  Solutions to natural resource problems require an understanding of basic ecological patterns and processes, as well as applications to mitigate pressures resulting from human-altered habitats, competition from invasive species, and changing climates.  The goal of his research is to provide natural resource managers with information that will help sustain wildlife populations and intact ecosystems for future generations.

Dr. Eyheralde is able to work individually with students by leading field trips to explore diverse ecosystems, bringing students to statewide and regional conferences and workshops, teaching about outdoor skills, and providing opportunities to practice field research methods.  He tries to give his students practical experience by spending as much time as possible doing hands-on outdoor activities in his laboratories and lectures.  Students in his lab work with wildlife, fisheries, and forestry professionals to gain experience and skills needed to compete in today’s job market.  Dr. Eyheralde has enjoyed hearing the perspectives of the many international students at Penn, and has found that student engagement is high when they can elaborate on topics at a global level.  He believes that his students are truly passionate about what they are learning and enjoys being a part of the journey towards their chosen careers.

O: 641-673-1121

  • B.A., Natural History Interpretation, University of Northern Iowa
  • B.A., Anthropology, University of Northern Iowa
  • Ph. D, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Iowa State University
  • Iowa Chapter of the Wildlife Society, President, Education and Information Committee Chair, Editor for the ITWS newsletter, Wildlife Sightings
  • Central Plains Society of Mammologists, President-Elect
  • Friends of Mahaska County Conservation Board, Board Member
  • Iowa Association of Naturalists, Member
  • The Wildlife Society, Member
  • Ecological Society of America, Member
  • American Society of Mammologists, Member
  • Fish and Wildlife Biology Club Favorite Teacher Award, Iowa State University, 2015
  • Central Plains Society of Mammologists Outstanding PhD Presentation Award, 2014
  • Graduate College Excellence in Teaching Award, Iowa State University, 2014
  • Department of NREM Excellence in Teaching Award, Iowa State University, 2014
  • Central Plains Society of Mammologists Outstanding PhD Presentation Award, 2013
  • Department of NREM Excellence in Teaching Award, Iowa State University, 2013
  • Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation J.N. “Ding” Darling Award, 2013
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources Brass Bluegill Award, 2009
  • Biology I (BIOL 106)
  • Biology II (BIOL 107)
  • Biology Field Trip (BIOL 150)
  • Vertebrate Fauna (BIOL 202)
  • Botany (BIOL 225)
  • Plant Taxonomy/Field Botany (BIOL 304)
  • Ecology (BIOL 307)
  • Microbiology (BIOL 308)
  • Science for Elementary Educators (PHSC 100)
  • Camp Management and Outdoor Education (PHLE 210)
  • Physical Geology (EASC 104)
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