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Students Combine Mediums to Launch Media Club


The Digital Communication program at William Penn University has
been responsible for the student media for years, ranging from the campus newspaper,
The Chronicle, to the campus-run radio station, as well as TV newscasts it has
continued to develop as technology rapidly changes and expands.


This year, with the creation of the Media Club, students will
combine all mediums under one club and continue to expand how they communicate
information with the rest of campus. The media club is hitting the ground
running, with the first year in full swing. This first year presents a first
chance for them to learn, but at the same time is an opportunity for them to
grow with higher numbers and better forms of communication.


“I hope to see a lot of growth and retention for Digital
Communication students as well as involvement from other majors,” said Miranda,
the executive news director of the Media Club.
“This is the first year for the club, but I am very hopeful for the
works and accomplishments this club could achieve.”


The Chronicle, the student newspaper, has been in existence since
1873. Since the beginning, the goal of the paper is publish news for the
students, about the students, and about what the students want to read.


Staying with the times, William Penn’s campus officially has its
own online version of The Chronicle, called the Statesmen Status. This online
format includes shorter versions of printed articles, interviews, videos
created by the Media Club and much more.


The Statesmen Status will be an online source for students,
faculty, alumni and parents to read information with convenience, and with
stories being posted faster than with the printed version.


To check out the Statesmen Status, visit

For more information, contact:
Miranda Keeler
Executive News Director
Media Club
William Penn University

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