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An Iowa Workforce Solution: Applied Computer Science Program at William Penn University Fits the Iowa Job Market


Students enrolled in William Penn University’s Applied Computer Science Program gain experience through lab work, lectures, projects, internships and research opportunities. The faculty aim to provide students with practical and applicable experience that prepares them for careers in information technology, software engineering and computer science.

“It’s an exciting time to get into the computing field, where technology is changing the ways we think about problems, collect and use data, communicate, control processes and machinery,” said Judy Williams, Assistant Professor of Applied Computer Science.

Penn’s Applied Computer Science Program stresses the importance of teamwork. Group interaction in the classroom allows students to collaborate and apply their ideas in various hands-on activities. Technology and team cohesion are two things current employers are continually looking for to help their organizations run more efficiently.

As of December 2017, Iowa’s unemployment rate is 2.8-percent. Currently, Iowa has thousands of job opportunities for careers in the Applied Computer Science field. A recent online job search showed that information technology careers has 2,351 open positions, software engineering has 1,173 and computer science lists 1,258 open positions. All three of those majors are choices within the Applied Computer Science program at William Penn.

Graduates from William Penn’s Applied Computer Science Program have found employment as an embedded software programmer, data analyst, network support specialist, web site developer, and mobile application developer. By majoring in applied computer science, students become qualified for a variety of positions within different industries such as agribusiness, healthcare, insurance and finance, manufacturing and many more.  Every business runs on technology.

“It’s also an exciting time at William Penn because this fall we’re rolling out student-led Digital Impact Teams,” says Williams. “Students will solve real problems for community partners, developing just-in-time skills as they progress through the Applied Computer Science curriculum.”

Contact Josh Stutting at to learn more about opportunities for Digital Impact Team participation and scholarship funding for your education or visit to learn more about the Applied Technology Program at William Penn.


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