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Digital Impact Team

Are you passionate about technology and looking for a way to develop practical experience while changing the world? William Penn University is seeking creative, problem-solving individuals to join the Digital Impact Team! Students receive a world-class education, help real people, and leave a lasting legacy.

$10,000+ awarded in scholarships per qualifying student per academic year*

Scholarship Requirments

Participate in weekly team practices. Attend all required team trips, field days, and conferences. Actively participate in the WPU Computer Club. Must fill out FAFSA before scholarship offer is made. Must meet minimum requirements for acceptance to WPU. Must be a qualifier from the list below. Amount is determined on evaluation, recommendation, and need/benefit to the student..

Qualifications for Scholarship

Judy Williams Women of STEM – Women who have participated in a STEM related events, have a desire to enter STEM related fields, or women who are active leaders in ministry groups.

Community and Business Partner Recommendation – Students who participate in an event or program sponsored by an official community or business partner of the WPU Digital Impact program, and are given recommendation.

STREAM QualifierStudents recruited through direct contact with program coordinator, students recommended by WPU associates, students recruited through attended events, students recommended for program who meet the needs of the Digital Impact Team.

Great Idea QualifierStudents who submit projects, essays, ideas, contributions, posters, research, images, videos, podcasts, designs, blueprints, files, rendering, puzzles, games, contests, and other various evaluated materials upon request who are identified as potential leaders for the Digital Impact Program.

Experienced Leaders Qualifier – Students who have relevant prior experience in the field of technology, prior relevant team, business, military, or life experience, or prior degrees or education in relevant fields.

Home School Graduate Qualifier –  Students who have successfully completed home based learning as an alternative to public education, and who have an interest in technology based team projects.

Examples of Trips and Projects

Virtual Reality Experience2-day trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Stay at a waterpark resort and spend time experiencing virtual reality technology, video game technology, interactive displays, and other various consumer driven interactive technology.

Mississippi River ExperienceMulti day trip exploring the technology behind the river commerce and transportation system, boating technology, and mobile technology in the wilderness.

Pip Boy-3000 Mk. WPU – Student project consisting of a 3D printed mobile computing system known as a “Pip Boy-300” from the Fallout game series. The student used 3D printing, a Raspberry Pi, and various coding libraries to work on this 30%-time passion project.

Steam Machine – Student project consisting of using discarded computers to create an arcade PC computer running the SteamOS Desktop operating system. This student has plans to expand this to become a virtual reality arcade system, with a full Virtual Reality gaming library.

Crypto Mining – Student project consisting of a student using a high end graphics card in a desktop PC which was built in a class at WPU to mine Ethereum while his computer is idle. The student generates approximately $50/month from this project.

Our mission is to develop students, impact communities, and provide a service which will positively change the world!

Digital Impact Team Inquiry

  • Please select any project roles you would be interested in.
  • Briefly describe any previous leadership position, team projects, community service, or technology projects you have been involved with. Your experience does not have to be directly related to technology, but experience with team projects is a plus!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

* Scholarship amount is dependent on financial need determined by the FAFSA

Digital Impact Team

Name Office Phone Email Title Office
Josh Stutting 641-673-1016 Instructor of Computer Science and Student Project Coordinator MTC 102