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Admissions Team

Kerra Strong, Vice President for Enrollment Management
641-673-1014, Email

Kerra Strong, Vice President for Enrollment Management, helps recruit international students as well as students for William Penn’s RN-BSN program and Online and Evening program.  Once students are enrolled at Penn, she assists the international students with their appropriate documents.  Since her start here in 2005, she has enjoyed getting to know WPU student workers, Student Ambassadors, RAs and CECs.  No matter where a student is at in their life, Kerra and her team in Admissions are willing to help them find their way.

Madison Steinke

Madison Steinke, Director of Admissions
641-673-1054, Email

Director of Admissions Madison Steinke chose William Penn University for her education because of the small class sizes, the affordability, and the fact that everyone makes students feel like they’re at home here.  One of her favorite aspects about the university is that William Penn welcomes students from all minorities, races, genders, sexual orientations, and that faculty and staff believe that no matter where someone is from or what they’ve been through, there is already value within the individual before they arrive.

Arianna Davis, Admissions Counselor
641-673-1342, Email

After graduating from WPU with her degree in Psychology in 2017, Arianna Davis joined the university’s Admissions Department. She appreciates that the university has taught her the importance of working with people from all different backgrounds and cultures, which has brought new insights and ideas to her position as an Admissions Counselor and Campus Visit Coordinator. Arianna works with prospective William Penn students, assists them in the application process, and helps guide them through the transition from high school to college.

Ricky Corocoran

Ricky Corcoran, Admissions Counselor
641-673-1277, Email

Ricky Corcoran has been a part of the William Penn family since 2010. Graduating with a degree in Psychology in 2015, Ricky chose to begin his career as an Assistant Football Coach and has now joined the Admissions team. As an Admissions Counselor, he assists in the enrollment process of students by answering questions, helping guide them through their acceptance to WPU, and then supporting them throughout their academic careers with the University.

Will Utter, Admissions Counselor for Online and Evening, Distance Learning, and Nursing
641-673-1305, Email

Will is a 2003 WPU Alum, now working as an Admissions Counselor for the Online and Evening, Distance Learning, and Nursing programs. The small college atmosphere and the helpful nature of employees and staff to students has made his experience an enjoyable one. Getting to know students from all walks of life and different backgrounds has made Will appreciate his own journey with Penn even more. He feels very fortunate to be able to meet so many people from all over the world, right in the middle of Iowa.

Sue Van Wyk, Administrative Assistant for Admissions
641-673-1012, Email

Since 2001, Sue VanWyk has been working with current and potential students at William Penn University.  She has two sons that have attended WPU and over 30 family members that attended the University. Sue trains students in the office about basic office procedures and hopes that some of the skills they learn will help them in their future endeavors. Outside of school, she has been known to hire students from time to time to help around the house and farm.

Justin Wyatt, Admissions Counselor
641-673-2165, Email

Justin Wyatt believes William Penn University is a special place with unlimited opportunity for growth for potential and current students.  As an Admissions Counselor, he works with new and incoming students to help them through the admissions process before they get to the university. Once students are here, he continues to have an open door for anyone who needs help with any questions about the campus.


NameOffice PhoneEmailTitleOffice
Ricky Corcoran641-673-1277emailAdmissions CounselorPAC 203
Arianna Davis641-673-1342emailAdmissions Counselor and Campus Visit CoordinatorPAC 203
Shanna Smith641-673-1013emailAdmissions Communications CoordinatorPAC 203
Kerra Strong641-673-1014emailVice President for Enrollment ManagementPAC 203
William Utter641-673-1305emailOnline and Evening Admissions CounselorJohnston Campus
Sue Van Wyk641-673-1012emailAdministrative Assistant for AdmissionsPAC 203
Justin Wyatt641-673-2165emailAdmissions Counselor, Lewis Hall DirectorPAC 203