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Teach Industrial Tech

You have what it takes to teach Industrial Tech
Why teach Industrial Technology?
Meet an Alumni of the WPU Industrial Tech Program - Justin Hagans

Justin is an Industrial Technology teacher at Indianola High School. He began teaching immediately upon graduation from William Penn University in 2019. We asked him a few questions about his time at WPU and his career now as an Industrial Tech teacher.

Teaching Industrial Technology has been the most rewarding job that I have had the pleasure of doing. Teaching kids how to work with their hands as well as build a career using those skills is very rewarding

WPU Industrial Technology department prepared me for my career exceptionally well. They hold their students to the highest standards so that they only produce the best employees, and I have brought that over to preparing the next round of college students and trade workers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my student experience at WPU. They make it very easy to be involved. From playing football to being the president of my own club, WPU offers a wide variety of ways to be involved while still having that small campus experience.

Iowa is in desperate need of Industrial Technology Teachers. If you like to work with your hands and think that helping students develop lifelog skills that can be turned into careers might be something you are interested in, I would highly suggest WPU. You will not get another education at this quality in the state of Iowa.

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