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Rory Johnson ’23

Hometown: New Zealand
Majors: Biology & Psychology Major

Being over 8,000 miles from home can’t be easy but Rory Johnson is proving that it is all worth it. Rory is a driven international student from New Zealand who has inserted himself into significant leadership roles in both academics and athletics. As a member of the William Penn’s Soccer team, a tutor, an RA and an active member of the World Club. Rory is clearly taking advantage of every opportunity he can.

He cherishes the relationships he has formed through The World Club. “The World Club is a platform for International students to feel welcome at William Penn and to provide this school with diverse cultural experiences.”

For him the club “means sharing a bit of home with others as well as discovering new cultures. I always find joy in laughing at different pronunciations and sharing the different ways of life in each country with everyone at school.” Says Rory. He hopes that the club helps those who are far away from home find a bit of comfort in those around them who are going through the same thing. 

He also hopes that students will be able to open themselves to the different cultures around the world and become more understanding of the differences between individuals.

Rory wants students to know that the club is for everyone and you can join by contacting Rory Johnson at The club meets every last Tuesday of the month in the Mahaska State bank room at 11:15 am.