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Dr. Martin Roth

Professor Roth received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of California, Davis (2003), and he joined Drake’s philosophy and religion department in 2009. He co-led the creation of the Artificial Intelligence major at Drake University.

His work has appeared in several journals and anthologies, including Philosophical StudiesMind and LanguageSynthese, and Philosophical Psychology. He is also the author of Philosophical Foundations of Neurolaw (Lexington, 2017).

Professor Roth’s research is primarily in the philosophy of mind and philosophy of science, and he is especially interested in questions surrounding scientific explanation, mental representation, and the nature of knowledge. These interests inform several of Professor Roth’s regular course offerings, including Neuroscience and the Law (PHIL 140), Philosophy of Science (PHIL 129), and Minds, Brains, and Computers (PHIL 130).