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Computer Science

Applied Computer Science

Computer Science

The computer science program allows students to gain experience through lab work, lectures, and internships. The faculty aims to provide students with the most practical and applicable experience that can be […]

General Mathematics

Industrial Technology

Emphasis Areas (listed from most hands-on to most theoretical)   Technical Emphasis Provides a strong “hands-on” foundation in manufacturing, energy and power, graphic communications, and construction technologies, along with mathematics [...]

Information Technology

Information Technologists keep a company’s infrastructure operating.

3+2 Engineering

Civil Engineers Civil engineers typically focus on the design and construction of infrastructure—airports, roads, bridges, buildings, waste water treatment plants, biosystem processing plants. Industrial Engineers Industrial engineers study, design, and [...]

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Program Students in the Software Engineering major will take the common Computer Science/Math core, specific courses in their degree, as well as an application minor. Students will […]

Applied and General Mathematics

Applied Mathematics Program The Applied Mathematics major allows students to implement what they have learned to other areas of study, while taking fewer math courses. Graduates in this department are in […]

Applied Technology

Applied technology is the new frontier of the 21st century. Never before has the world seen such a rapid pace of innovation in fields like engineering, computer science, information technology, [...]