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Student Profile: Jared Goodman

An internship during undergraduate studies led to a post-graduation job and opportunity to further his education. Jared Goodman arrived at William Penn University to continue playing baseball at the collegiate level on scholarship after transferring from Irvine Valley and Goldenwest College.

Hailing from the beaches in sunny Huntington Beach, California, Jared felt lost and unsure of what direction life was going to take him. He was out of his comfort zone when first arriving at William Penn, “It took me some time to adjust, but I quickly found a home away from home,” said Jared.

Having moved halfway across the country, Jared was able to grow as a person—with the help from faculty, staff, coaches, and most importantly, his lifelong friends.

Jared attributes much of his memories to the baseball team and friends he has made. Whether that was on the road for competitive play, practicing on the diamond at Penn, or even memories off the field, those memories made and friendships built will never be forgotten.

Although Jared’s time at Penn was short, he took the opportunity to approach Wade Steinlage, Penn’s Assistant Athletic Director for Communications about continuing his work with the university’s Athletic Department. He enrolled in the Graduate Program and has assumed a Graduate Assistant role to assist Wade and the rest of the Athletic Department. After interning for Wade during his undergraduate studies, Jared sought this as a way to further work towards his future goals.

“My goal is to work in college athletic administration,” stated Jared. “I know that’s a broad umbrella, but there are really so many things I’d like to do.”

Wade is excited to have Jared on board in a slightly different role to assist the Athletic Department. Knowing his skillset and work ethic, Wade looks forward to having Jared as a part of the team and helping to move the department in the right direction.

“He will be a vital asset to our department over the next two years,” said Wade.