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Nursing Course Descriptions

NURS 300 Health Assessment & Pathophysiology 3 credits
Pathophysiological aspects of alterations in major body systems at a cellular level. Emphasis is on the holistic nature of human responses to health alterations and how care impacts that human response. Understanding basic disease processes support decision making in assessing, planning, and implementing and evaluating care of clients in professional nursing practice. 

NURS 301 Professional Nursing for the RN-BSN 5 Credits
This course enhances the students understanding of clinical reasoning though expanding of knowing beyond pragmatic knowledge. Students explore the concept of caring as uniquely expressed in their nursing situations. Students learn to locate multi-level evidence, learn research terminology, types of research, and investigate evidence based holistic nursing interventions. Prerequisite: NURS 300 

NURS 302 Leading & Managing for the RN-BSN 4 Credits
Course emphasis is on concepts and skills of basic level management and leadership in nursing. Students explore aspects of management/leadership with nurse leaders. The students are introduced to informatics and how this concept is utilized in assuring safety and quality outcome initiatives. This course prepares the student to assume the role of a manager/leader at the fundamental level. Prerequisite: NURS 300

NURS 303 Community Health 4 credits
Examines the role of the nurse to understand the community as client. The RN student’s knowledge will be enhanced through clinical experiences in a variety of community settings. Students will come to know nursing assessment and interventions unique to the community or population-based settings. Within this course, students will explore global health and how they can impact the global community. Prerequisite: NURS 301 & 302

NURS 401 Evidence-Based Practice 5 credits
Students come to understand the process for implementing evidence-based practice and its application to a clinical question generated from their practice setting. Students will utilize critical inquiry in evaluating and synthesizing multi-level evidence related to their question. This evidence will form the basis for drafts of policies to support EBP changes in their practice setting. Prerequisite: NURS 303 and MATH 303

See Course Map for a list of all required courses.