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Theatre Department – Student Worker Position

Theatre Department Off-Campus Student Worker Position

Position Title: Education Director

Department: Theatre Department

Work Location:

1800 N 3rd St.
Oskaloosa, IA 52577

Description of Duties and Responsibilities: 

Assisting with Theatre Operations

Students will be assisting with general operations at the Auditorium, assisting with Youth Theatre sessions as an assistant teacher, and helping as needed during the touring shows in the professional season. Students will be working on projects that include: promotion & design, education, business management, economic development, youth theatre, and technical theatre at the Auditorium. They will also be working on the development of the Student Advisory Board with the upcoming production of FLY Dance Company.

Required Qualifications: 

Students will need to have strong communication skills, a basic knowledge of word processing documents & spreadsheets, and they will need to be able to interact with the larger community while selling tickets or attending any meetings for other projects. At this time, all work-study students will be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to work at the Auditorium, and all Workstudy students will need to be respectful of following the current CDC and public health recommendations for indoor events

Work Schedule (Days & Times): Hours are scheduled with the student’s schedule in mind and generally take place during regular business hours. There will be some evening and weekend hours required, but we are pretty aware of the flex-time needed to be sure extra hours aren’t scheduled.

Hourly Wage: $9.00

Employment Start Date and Employment End Date: September 14, 2021 – December 4, 2021

Job Supervisor’s Contact: Andy McGuire, 641-672-0940,