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Intramural Activities

The goal of William Penn University campus recreation is to provide students with exciting and stimulating activities. Intramurals give everyone a chance to participate and be a part of a team. Our program gives students a chance to connect with other students on campus outside of the classroom. Check out our Intraumurals Brochure to see what activities we have for you!

We strive to provide a variety of experiences to students at William Penn. Participation in the intramural program allows for a well-rounded college experience and can help students develop leadership and cooperation. Please review the WPU Intramural Handbook for involvement, eligibility, and participation rules and procedures.


Name Office Phone Email Title Office
Bailey Rimes 641-673-2176 Director of the PAC, Director of Intramural Activities PAC 210
Dylan Detweiler 641-673-1020 Intramurals Staff
Brett Stewart 641-673-2161 Intramurals Staff