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Housing Contract for Academic Year

  • I. Personal Information

  • If you are a full-time student and meet one of the following criteria, you may live off-campus: 1) Live with spouse and/or children; 2) Commute from the home of parents or legal guardian; 3) Served as military veteran; 4) Reach twenty-one years of age as of first day of official classes of a particular term; 5) Have completed at least 58 semester hours of credit or AA Degree. If you choose to move off campus after Census Day, you will be charged room and board for the entire semester.
  • II. Terms and Conditions

    1. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to live in a residence hall you must be enrolled as a full-time student at William Penn University, or otherwise deemed eligible by Residence Life.
    2. DATES OF CONTRACT: This housing contract begins three days prior to the first day of classes for new and returning students, the actual dates to be determined from the official calendar as published. Christmas recess is excluded from this agreement and the individual student is responsible to find accommodations during this period. Residence Halls are closed during Christmas break, reopening three days prior to the first day of classes in January. Residents are to vacate campus within 24 hours of their last final in December. Room occupancy ultimately concludes 24 hours after residents’ last final in May. For graduates, room occupancy concludes at 1 PM on the day of Commencement. Students who move in prior to or stay after the designated occupancy period will be charged $100/day for every day outside this period. These plans must be communicated to a Residence Life Director and charges paid to the Business Office ahead of time. Students failing to vacate campus during the Christmas break period will also be charged $100/day and must communicate their plans with a Residence Life Director and pay charges to the Business Office ahead of time.
    3. DEPOSITS: In order to be assigned a room, a student must have a $100 housing deposit on account. Request for refund of housing deposit must be postmarked by May 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for spring semester. Housing deposits carry over from semester to semester and are refunded upon cancellation of residency (move off-campus or graduate). Housing deposits will not be refunded to students whose rooms sustained damage or to those with an account balance.
    4. OCCUPANCY: It is agreed that only the undersigned student (and other students assigned by the University in case of multiple occupancy units) will occupy said premises during the terms of the lease. Students found residing in a room not assigned by the Residence Life Director will be fined a minimum of $200 and be required to move to their assigned room the same day. Students may occupy a private room (when available) upon payment of $400 per semester above the regular room rate.
    5. VACANCIES: If vacancies occur in the room, the remaining student agrees to accept other students as assigned or be reassigned unless the single occupancy charge has been paid. The University reserves the right to consolidate all vacant spaces and/or deny single occupancy requests.
    6. FURNISHINGS: The University agrees to provide housing space that meets college standards. Standard equipment will include one set of residence hall room furniture: bed, dresser, wardrobe (in Lewis Hall), desk, chair and either curtains or blinds at the windows. The University further agrees to provide and maintain windows and working door locks.
    7. DAMAGES: Residents are not permitted to decorate or use the room in a manner that will cause damage to the room. Students will be charged for damages caused by the use of tape, nails, screws, or tacks in walls, furniture, or fixtures. A room condition assessment will be made available to residents prior to or during move-in. The resident has 3 days after moving in to report additional damage not reflected in this report. When a room becomes vacant, it will be inspected for new damages and the student(s) will be charged accordingly. All students occupying a room are liable for damages occurring to the room. All residents are liable for damages to common areas of the building in which they reside. Damage due to vandalism that cannot be attributed to a specific person will be divided among the residents of that particular floor or housing unit.
    8. STUDENT CONDUCT: Students assume responsibility for themselves and their guests in following University regulations as outlined in the William Penn University Student Handbook.
    9. NO ALCOHOL/ILLEGAL DRUGS: William Penn University is a “dry” campus. The use of these substances on campus is strictly prohibited.
    10. NO FIREARMS, WEAPONS AND EXPLOSIVES: Firearms of any kind (including airsoft/bb guns, etc.) or any type of weapon (knives, hatchets), or explosives of any kind, including illegal items such as firecrackers and bottle rockets, are strictly prohibited at William Penn University.
    11. KEYS/ID: Students will be issued a student id, room, and mailbox keys. Lost keys should be reported to the Residence Life Office promptly. There is a $75 replacement charge for each room key, $50 charge for each student id, and $10 charge for each mail key.
    12. PERSONAL PROPERTY: The University does not assume liability for students’ personal items that are stolen, lost or damaged. Students may wish to insure their personal property through their own or family insurance plans. The University specifically accepts no responsibility for any property left after termination of occupancy.
    13. ACCESS TO PREMISES: The University will make a room check or search in accordance with the conditions stated in the Student Handbook. The University shall have access to the premises at all reasonable times for purposes of monthly safety inspections, damage, cleanliness, and for maintenance requirements. The University reserves the right to enter premises without consent of the student if the University believes that an emergency exists with respect to the life of the student, or to maintain property, or so that repairs may be affected.
    14. MEALS: Students living on-campus are required to be on the University meal plan. Meals are not served during Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks.
    15. CANCELLATION: This contract shall be in effect for the full contract period. Students will be excused at the end of a term under the following conditions:
      • Withdraw from school
      • Graduate
      • Live with spouse or child
      • Live with your parent or legal guardian
      • Have 58 or more semester hours – or AA Degree
      • Reach age 21 by first official day of classes for next term
    16. The University has the right to refuse housing or revoke housing privileges for disciplinary reasons.

  • The signing of this document establishes a contractual relationship between the student and the University. The Student Handbook is an integral part of this relationship and the signing of this document indicates that I agree to adhere to all policies and procedures as stated in the Student Handbook. I also understand that if I am ever released from the residence halls for any reason, my room and board fees will be prorated in accordance with the tuition refund schedule as stated in the Course Catalog.
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