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Celebrating the Tradition of Nursing


Every year from May 6–12, National Nurses Week is celebrated. The week begins on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, as she is revered as the founder of modern nursing. The industry celebrates the week by highlighting how nursing helps the world.

William Penn University is proud to offer a nursing program that helps nurses become more knowledgeable and obtain their B.S.N. Being a nurse is much more than a job—it is a commitment, mindset, and lifestyle. As a nurse, one must give non-biased care, have compassion, give respect, think critically and have dedication and drive day in and day out.

“I love the purpose of nursing—to serve your community, population, and yourself. You must be mindful of your community’s health and global health,” says Brenda Krogh-Duree, William Penn University’s director of nursing. “Nursing is much more than a profession. You must be responsible, dedicated, and a role model. You must keep up with health trends and understand what is going on globally. You must master art—be creative and thoughtful—and master science—know technology and know what you are doing, because people are trusting you with their lives.”

This testimony holds true to many nurses, including Charles “Chuck” Sauer who is a recent graduate of William Penn’s R.N.–B.S.N. nursing program in 2018.

Chuck teamed up with Mercy Medical Center and Joppa, a local organization focused on helping the homeless rebuild their lives. He used this opportunity as his leadership project at William Penn and provided flu shots to homeless individuals. Chuck plans to continue this project in the future.

“I’ve always volunteered to give flu shots, so this opportunity seemed natural,” said Chuck. “Knowing when people leave, they are better and I played a part in helping them, is one of many experiences that has confirmed I chose the right career path.”

Chuck’s project reflects what being a nurse is all about—going above and beyond to help others. To all those nurses working behind the scenes serving patients, communities, and the global population, thank you. A nurse’s work and leadership does not go unnoticed.

In honor of National Nurses Week, be sure to thank a nurse!

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