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Music Department – Work Study Position

Music Department On-Campus Student Worker Position

Position Title: Music Librarian

Department: Music

Work Location:

McGrew Fine Arts, William Penn University

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

Continually update music for ensembles.

File music in the music library, update computer programs with new music, Ensure that all performers have music for rehearsals. Assist in room preparation for rehearsals.

Required Qualifications: Knowledge of music, ensemble make-up of parts, instruments, SATB. Alphabetical order, Computer skills- Excel, Word, Sibelius.

Work Schedule (Days & Times): As arranged between worker and instructions.

Hourly Wage: $9.00

Employment Start Date and Employment End Date: August 23, 2021-April 29, 2022

Job Supervisor’s Contact: Anita Meinert, 641-673-1063,