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The Leaders Speak Series: 2016–2017

Mission: The Leaders Speak Series is an annual initiative that reaches out to the community with diverse leadership-based themes.

2016-2017 Theme: This year’s theme is: “Regenerate: planting ideas for generations.” The theme focuses on motivating students and community members to become more active and be a part of the changes they want to see, whether that is in their own lives or in the community.

Adrienne Haynes, Entrepreneurial Attorney

Adrienne Haynes, presented “Redefining the Status Quo” on Tuesday, April 11th in the Musco Technology Center on William Penn University’s Oskaloosa campus. From working in a small town ice cream shop to now owning several businesses, Adrienne shared how she has brought her vision to life and how she helped others do the same. This talk encouraged participants to boldly develop or rediscover their own path and narrative as they discover their purpose by working with their communities and exploring nontraditional opportunities. 


Daniel Boscaljon, Director of the Center for Humanist Inquiries

Daniel Boscaljon, presented “The Wonder of Thinking at All” on Tuesday, March 14 in the Musco Technology Center on William Penn University’s Oskaloosa campus. Boscaljon’s discussion looked at the way that wonder is able to transform humans’ relationship with the world by becoming more attentive to what was overlooked as ordinary.  Ranging from philosophy to pop culture, this presentation provided concrete steps towards becoming a more critical and creative thinker.

Sarah Derry

Sarah Derry, South Central Iowa STEM Regional Manager

Sarah Derry, from Drake University presented “Growing Iowa’s STEM Career Pipeline” on Wednesday, February 15 in the Musco Technology Center on William Penn University’s campus.  Derry presented about the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council’s goal of increasing STEM interest and achievement and how it is critical to regain Iowa’s historic legacy as a leader in education and workforce development.  The presentation covered how STEM is a vital economic development advantage for quality job growth and that STEM graduates are in great demand.

Michael Ott

Michael Ott, Entrepreneur and founder of Terra Biologics

Michael Ott presented “The Wayward Path To Success” on Wednesday, November 2 at 6:00 p.m. in the Musco Technology Center on William Penn University’s campus.  Ott’s presentation highlighted lessons he has learned while starting new ventures. He discussed why making mistakes is acceptable when trying something brand new, because it leads to new innovations and a better path forward.

Lyle Muller

Lyle Muller, Executive director and editor of the Iowa Center for Public Affairs (IowaWatch)

Lyle Muller presented “Who’s Watching Out For You” on Wednesday, October 26 in the Musco Technology Center on William Penn University’s campus.  Muller’s presentation covered the threats that exist in the aftermath of dramatic cuts in the number of reporters, how traditional media is reorganizing as new media emerges, and how to create engaging journalism in the United States.

Issaka Moussa

Issaka Moussa, Magistrate
(The Republic Of Niger)

Issaka Moussa’s presentation covered “The Importance of Peacemaking” and the mission of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, which aims to transform cultures of violence into communities of peace and to inspire new approaches to active peacemaking. Due to privacy concerns we are not able to air the presentation online but we do have a summary of the event from CRI’s newscast.