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Humanities Experience

William Penn Humanities Experience

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Interactive conference for high school students to try out hands-on activities in various fields of digital communication, english, music, theater, and art. Participants can opt in for a full track of what they are most interested in, or broaden their horizons by picking sessions individually.

WPHE 2018 Sessions


Session I:  A Piece to the Puzzle

Location: McGrew Fine Arts Center

Times Available: 9:45, 10:45

Be a piece of the William Penn puzzle: contribute creativity to a collaborative mural!

Participants will be led by painting/art history professor Emily Ott in a fun, fast paced painting project that will result in a large mural. 

Each participant will receive a canvas that acts as a puzzle piece to a larger image. Colors will be suggested like a color-by-number kit. Texture, gesture, and hue is up to the painter! Come enjoy relaxing painting in McGrew. 

Digital Communication

Session I: WPHE Talkshow

Location: DigiComm Control Room/ Primary Studio

Times Available: 10:45, 11:45

Do you love Netflix, but none of your friends are caught up enough in your favorite shows to talk about them? Spoiler alert! Come join us for “Binge Worthy,” a talk show that participants will host and direct while sharing their TV show knowledge. Be a behind-the-scenes producer or talk it up with other fans like you. Possible TV shows to be discussed will be available day of show to pick from.


Session II: William Penn Radio Theatre

Location: Radio Station + CRI Conference Room

Times Available: 9:45, 10:45, 11:45

Get a taste of drama on a different kind of stage: in this workshop participants will dive into radio drama. Participants of this workshop will team up to record an audio story and then listen to their creations.


Session III: Bringing Life to Chocolate

Location: MTC 103

Times Available: 9:45

This session explores the personification technique in writing for public relations. In this workshop, participants will receive a chocolate bar to eat and write about.


Session IV: Reporting with Social Media

Location: MTC 103

Times Available: 11:45

How do you break a news story with 140 characters on Twitter? This workshop will focus on writing for social media. Participants in this workshop will learn how to verify information they read on social media and will write their own news story covering the William Penn University (WPU) Humanities Experience.  All stories submitted to WPU will have the potential to be used on one of the university social media accounts.


Session I: Poetry Writing

Location: Electronic Classroom/ Media Lab (MTC 210)

Times Available: 9:45

Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the World!  Come govern with us.  

In the Poetry workshop we’ll examine a few masterworks and then hone imagery for Impact.  No experience necessary, just a hunger to rule.  Poems created in this session will become part of the chapbook, alongside the fiction and essays built in the other sessions.


Session II: Creative Writing

Location: Electronic Classroom/ Media Lab (MTC 210)

Times Available: 10:45

Life writing is one of the most popular genres in the US right now, and it’s easy to see why. Each one of us has a unique story or interesting perspective on the world. In the Creative Writing workshop, we’ll learn how to use creative writing techniques to tell our own stories by writing a vignette—a short piece with evocative details—about some aspect of our own lives.  We will discuss imagery, word choices, and life writing to practice crafting our own stories. No experience required—all you need is you! 


Session III: From the Page to the Stage

Location: Electronic Classroom/ Media Lab (MTC 210)

Times Available: 11:45

Writing lives when it inspires, engages, and motivates other people to action; and writing dies when it’s read in a vacuum, unhinged from the social context that brought it into being and detached from the dynamics impacting people’s lives in the present. To better understand how to use writing as a tool for social action, this workshop will teach you strategies to perform your work and share your truth with a public audience.


Session I: Music Reading

Location: McGrew Fine Arts Center

Times Available: 9:45

With marching band season winding down, it’s time to think new music! Join WPU faculty and students as they sight-read some of the newest publications from Barnhouse Music Publishers. Bring your instrument (percussion and tubas will be provided) and sharpen your sight-reading skills. Directors and teachers are welcome to sit in.


Session II: Pride in the PAC–Essentials of the WPU Athletic Bands

Location: Penn Activity Center (PAC) Turf

Times Available: 10:45

No experience necessary for this fun, percussive session on the turf of the Penn Activity Center! Our marching band staff and students will help you grab some sticks and mallets and participate in a collage of drums, keyboards, garbage cans, and more- this is not your average, run-of-the-mill percussion ensemble. All equipment will be provided- you bring energy!


Session III: Theory Rx

Location: McGrew Fine Arts Center

Times Available: 11:45

In this workshop we will discover the key to learning and playing major and minor scales, learn about key signatures and their function, as well as how all these things relate to making basic chords.  Singing! Playing! Learning! Fun!


Session I: Theatre Improvisation

Location: Geroge Daily Auditorium

Times Available: 9:45, 10:45, 11:45

Feeling spur-of-the-moment? Do you watch reruns of “Whose line is it anyway?”   Come to the George Daily and learn some of the techniques for thinking on your feet and being creative! Great for students and teachers- come and have some fun.


Session II: Technical Theatre

Location: George Daily Auditorium

Times Available: 9:45, 10:45, 11:45

Come and play with the lights and rigging at the George Daily Auditorium! Learn about stage lighting and rigging by actually using the counterweight system and running our lighting system. This is a “hand on” workshop so you will actually use the Daily Auditorium’s equipment.  There will be time for questions suggestions about your own school’s technical needs.