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The Board of Trustees and constituencies of William Penn University are committed to continuous improvement of student academic achievement. To further this goal, academic departments will conduct regular activities to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and/or abilities students are acquiring while attending classes at William Penn University. 

Results of assessment activities will be used to plan and budget for continual improvement of college operations. 

Purposes of assessing student academic achievement: 

  1. To provide information to students and faculty about individual progress;
  2. To inform faculty and other professionals so they may develop appropriate learning programs and curriculum;
  3. To provide information to people who make decisions about the allocation of resources for curriculum, pedagogy, college organization, and other educational goals;
  4. To provide information to the public regarding the institution’s performance;

Who will be assessed:

  1. All Students
  2. Students in developmental courses (English and Math).
  3. Students completing an Associate’s Degree and/or complete a designated number of credit hours during their first two years of college.
  4. Students in academic degree programs as determined by their academic department.  

What will be assessed:

All students will be assessed in basic skills subjects and the college core, including but not limited to Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Quaker Values.

In addition to college wide assessment in core subjects, students’ learning will also be assessed in their majors and in specific courses as determined by the respective academic departments.

William Penn University will be using course-embedded assessments. 

Course-embedded assessment takes place in the classroom, with pre-established learning objectives, that students will be motivated to perform well; in which, assesses what is actually taught and does not require extra time.  
  • Minimal costs
  • Part of the curriculum
  • Faculty driven
  • More likely to drive improvement
  • Feedback is quick

 WPU Assessment Framework  


  • Student Learning Objective Statements 
  • Assessment Plans 
  • Assessment Resources 
  • Current Assessment Activities 
  • Evidence of Student Learning  
  • Use of Student Learning Evidence 

William Penn University Assessment To Do List 

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For more information, please contact Dr. Jared Pearce, Associate Professor of English, at 641-673-2107 or