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Cashier – Student Worker

Sodexo Food Service On-Campus Student Worker Position

Position Title: Cashier

Department: Sodexo Food Service

Work Location: Pac Cafe, Game Room, Dining Hall

Description of Duties and Responsibilities: 

Provide customer service, handling of sales, stocking and inventory

The Cashier works primarily in the retail operation, handling cash and credit transactions from Sodexo
customers. Their main function is to accurately operate the cash register/POS and complete the
transactions. Provides support to the retail operation, including setup, maintaining supplies and
products, and assisting in cleanup and closedown. The general responsibilities of the position include
those listed below, but Sodexo may identify other responsibilities of the position. These responsibilities
may differ among accounts, depending on business necessities and client requirements.

Required Qualifications: N/A

Work Schedule (Days & Times): 

Monday-Friday, 12-3 PM, Monday-Thursday, 3-6:30 PM, PAC Cafe

Sunday-Thursday, 6:30-10:30 PM, Game Room

Daily, 5-8 PM, Dining Hall

Hourly Wage: $9.00

Employment Start Date and Employment End Date: August 30, 2021 to April 29, 2022

Job Supervisor’s Contact: Jeff Halverson, 641-673-1069,