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Student Athletic Trainer-Work Study Position


Date: 23 Aug. 2017

Department or Agency name: ATC (Athletic Training Center)

Position: Student Athletic Trainer (need 10 for fall, reduced to 5 in spring)

Required Qualifications:

Student must be interested in Athletic Training (or related field) as a career. Have their CPR certification and have observed at least 30 hours in the ATC.

Description of duties:

Help Certified Athletic Trainers with treatment of athletes, cleaning and stocking of ATC, coverage by setting up and breaking down of AT equipment for games and practices. File and teach athlete how to use SWOL system. As well as other duties as assigned.

Work Schedule – Days & Times (if established):

Must be able to work early mornings (5am), days, evenings and weekends.

Job Supervisor’s Name: JOSH ERICKSON, Head AT

Job Supervisor’s contact information: Interview in ATC