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Project and Competition Manager (Game Day Management)—Work Study Position

Is this posting for an on campus department or off campus agency?
  On Campus Department
On Campus Department Name
  Applied Technology
Position Title
  Project and Competition Manager (Game Day Management)
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Work Location
  MTC 102
Purpose of Job
  Assisting the Digital Impact Program and APCS programs with facilitating program and project event day management activity, and help lead team projects
Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
  The person in this position is responsible for helping the Digital Impact team and APCS programs carry out “game day” activities for project presentations, competitions, events, and other various organized gatherings. Additionally, this person will be an active team member of the Digital Impact program contributing as a general purpose participant to help lead the team projects to be successful.
Required Qualifications:
  Prior experience working in a diverse team setting.
Work Schedule–Days & Times
Hourly Wage
Employment Start Date:
Employment End Date
Job Supervisor’s Name
  Josh Stutting
Job Supervisor’s Phone Number
  (641) 673-1016
Job Supervisor’s Email Address