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Phonathon Caller—Work Study Position

Is this posting for an on campus department or off campus agency?
On Campus Department
On Campus Department Name
Position Title
Phonathon Caller
How many vacancies are there for this position?
Work Location
Penn Hall – Staff/Faculty Lounge
Purpose of Job
WPU Alumni Donations
Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
Call alumni, parents, and friends of William Penn and ask for their financial support of the annual fund.
Establish positive relationships with people being called by sharing news, stories and experience at William Penn.
Encourage participation at William Penn events such as sports, socials, theater, etc. Let them see first-hand what/who the money they give to William Penn supports.
Required Qualifications:
Comfortable on the phone.
Positive/ Upbeat personality.
Punctual and can work in a fast pace environment.
Work Schedule–Days & Times
Monday- Thursday 6-8:30 pm.
Weeks of: 10/28/19, 11/4/19, 11/11/19.
Hourly Wage
Employment Start Date:
Employment End Date

Job Supervisor’s Name
Rebecca Cleppe
Job Supervisor’s Phone Number
(641) 673-1043
Job Supervisor’s Email Address