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Math Grader-Work Study Position

Date: 08/17/2017

Department or Agency name:  Mathematics Department

Position: Math Grader (total of 4 positions)

Description of duties: Grade homework for Professor Garrett and Professor Mullens in Numeric Reasoning or Math for Elementary Educators

Required Qualifications: Must be a mathematics major or elementary education major that have successfully taken and done well in Discrete Mathematics, Math for Elementary Educators or have a strong Algebra background.  Must be able to give constructive feedback, be diligent in grading, and reliable for prompt turnaround of corrected papers.

Work Schedule – Days & Times (if established): Flexible Scheduling

Job Supervisor’s Name(s: Breanne Garrett  and Jihna _Jenkins-Mullens

Job Supervisor’s contact information: Breanne Garrett, 641-673-1120 or email or Jihna Jenkins-Mullens, 641-673-1372 or email