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Intramurals & Events Committee Executive Board/Staff—Work Study Position

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On Campus Department
On Campus Department Name
Position Title
Intramurals & Events Committee Executive Board/Staff
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Work Location
Wm Penn Campus/PAC 105-Equipment Issue Office
Purpose of Job
Assist with the organization and operation of Intramurals activities. Assist with the set-up & tear-down and supervision of special campus and community events.
Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
Intramural & Events Committee Executive Board/Staff members are responsible for providing a fun, safe, and inviting atmosphere to the students of William Penn University. Employees are required to enforce all Intramural policies and playing rules in order to maintain a sufficient level of control, fairness, and safety.

Employees are also responsible for set-up & tear-down, as well as supervision, of special campus and community events. Supervision includes trash removal, providing supplies to clients, and other actions to ensure a successful event.

All Committee members are held to a higher standard in character, actions, work ethic, and personal appearance. As a representative of WPU, your actions should represent an awareness of this role at all times, not just when working.

Officiating Intramurals
Supervising Intramurals and special events
Keeping Statistics
Set-up/Tear down of Intramurals & special events

Required Qualifications:
Currently enrolled WPU student. Previous experience with officiating preferred. Ability to maintain good working relationships. Knowledge of games and rules and Intramural policies. Demonstrate interest in student development and leadership. Well-organized and able to handle a high volume of responsibilities. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Able to work a variety of shifts including early morning, late night, weekend, finals, and breaks.
Work Schedule–Days & Times
Schedule can be found on Other times for meetings, activities, and campus/community events will vary.
Hourly Wage
Employment Start Date:
Employment End Date
Intramurals Application 2018
Job Supervisor’s Name
Bailey Rimes
Job Supervisor’s Phone Number
(641) 673-2176
Job Supervisor’s Email Address