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Campus Safety Rover—Work Study Position

Is this posting for an on campus department or off campus agency?
  On Campus Department
On Campus Department Name
  Campus Safety
Position Title
How many vacancies are there for this position?
Work Location
  Central Campus (Mainly Dorms).
Purpose of Job
  Augment the Campus Safety officer by patrolling the main campus and assist the RA staff with Dorm security.
Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
  Patrol the central campus watching and reporting issues.
Assisting the Campus Safety officer and the RA staff in patrolling the Dorms and main campus.
Carry a walkie-talkie radio for communications.
Escort students to their car or across campus.
Assist with medical issues and fire alarms.
Required Qualifications:
  AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), CPR & First Aid certifications.
Valid Driver’s license.
Junior or Senior with prior RA experience.
Work Schedule–Days & Times
  Sunday through Thursday night…10pm – 1am. Friday & Saturday night…10pm – 3am.
Hourly Wage
Employment Start Date:
Employment End Date
Job Supervisor’s Name
  Timothy Reynolds
Job Supervisor’s Phone Number
  (319) 551-8828
Job Supervisor’s Email Address