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Academic Tutor-Work Study Position


 Date: 7/17/17

Department or Agency name: Student Success Center

Position:  Academic Tutor

Description of duties: The position of SSC tutor includes working with individual students and groups in the preparation of papers, speeches, tests, and other assignments and leading study sessions. Additional duties may be required as determined by the supervisor.

Required Qualifications: Tutors must have a desire to help students succeed, an ability to relate to culturally diverse students, good leadership, communication, and social skills, and must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Work Schedule – Days & Times (if established): Work schedule varies depending on the operating hours of the Success Center and the tutor’s academic schedule.

Job Supervisor’s Name: Darrell Mackaig/Bob Morris

Job Supervisor’s contact information: 2172 or 1366